The inauguration of the Loreto Foundation Festivities

October is a significant month for Baja California Sur as it celebrates and commemorates the rich history of the region. This history was initiated by Jesuit Father Juan María de Salvatierra 326 years ago when he began the evangelization of Old California and the construction of the Missions in Loreto, which is considered to be the cradle of the Californias.

The ceremony was attended by personalities from the X City Council, municipal government agencies, educational institutions, clubs, and chambers. They are responsible for organizing the traditional festivities in the beautiful Pueblo Magico, which is the birthplace of Western civilization in the California peninsula.

“326 years ago began a great history that is being written with magical letters in the beautiful book called <<Loreto, passages of legends and fables>>The meeting of cultures, home of our ancestors Guaycuras and Cochimíes; of opening the stone and making the wheat, the vine and the olive tree germinate; of expressions of faith and work of miracles, land trodden by the feet of a saint; cradle and mothers of the missions of Alta and Baja California, of the origin of towns and ranches, of cities, of warm, friendly people who define their destiny in work, honestly and productively, people weathered in the sea and the field, facing life with joy and optimism, always offering a supportive and friendly hand, who open the doors of their homes to the visitor, this is our land! “ said Mayor Paola Cota Davis.

The Program of the Festivities: We started with several activities including a foundation fishing tournament, a presentation of cultural projects, painting exhibitions, a talk by salt miners, and a collection of classic cars. Yesterday, the “callejoneada” (street) event was held featuring the “Tuna Real” student band from the magical town of Tecate, Baja California, which has now become a tradition.

As part of the celebrations, the mayor announced that the Youth Award for 2023 will be presented to the most outstanding young people of Loreto in various fields. Additionally, there will be presentations of different workshops at the Casa de la Cultura by Profesor Jaime González and a performance by comedian Leo Apodaca.

Join us in celebration of this momentous occasion for the State of Baja California Sur!

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