From Uruguay to Cabo San Lucas: Yandi Monardo presents the work of Horacio Guerrero.

The shopping plaza, Puerto Paraíso, specifically Luxury Avenue, will have an international pictorial exhibition with a cause directly from Montevideo, Uruguay, for three months.

The 13 works of the artist Horacio Guerrero -known by the artistic name “Hogue”- will be available at Yandi Monardo Art Gallery. This space will exhibit the pieces from “Museo Zorrilla”, located in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The 13 works of the artist Horacio Guerrero -known by the artistic name “Hogue”- will be available at Yandi Monardo Art Gallery. This space will exhibit the pieces from “Museo Zorrilla” in Montevideo, Uruguay. Hogue’s artwork prompts us to contemplate the validation of art and its role in enriching culture. It encourages us to engage in a dialogue with contemporary works while projecting essential creativity on the cultural stage, both domestically and internationally.

“Mexico is a country that has been supportive of art and memory must endure to give value to the senses; now in Los Cabos, in my works, I transmit the personal; they are all introspective; each one gives them a personal message. The richness of art is that the artist seeks to offer and offer himself; to expose and expose himself so that people can make their own evaluation,” commented the guest artist, Hogue.

Join us on December 1st, 2023, for a meaningful exhibition that supports a great cause. Through this presentation, a percentage of sales will be allocated to Club Rotario Los Cabos, benefiting children and adolescents in areas such as health and education.

The visual tour was welcomed by Carlos Castro, Representative of the Government of Baja California Sur in Los Cabos; Aníbal Cabral S., Ambassador of Uruguay in Mexico; Facundo de Almeida, Coordinator of the Department of Internationalization of Culture; Selene Molina, Tourism Trust of Los Cabos (FITURCA); Gabriel Corral, Treasurer of Club Rotario Los Cabos; Yandi Monardo, Artist and owner of “Yandi Monardo Art Gallery” and Horacio Guerriero “HOGUE”, guest artist.

“Culture unites, generates bonds that prevail. Today, we do not know many things about antiquity, but we know and observe the works from that time. The interpretation of art is personal, subjective and reflective; Los Cabos will be able to enjoy this artistic step.” commented Aníbal Cabral, Ambassador of Uruguay in Mexico.

Feeding the spirit is what artists do. Let your imagination fly!

About the Artist:

Hogue’s creative process is unique. A photographic session of tango dancers inspired part of the work. The technique uses charcoal on paper and a single focal light. In his own words, there is no explanation for each painting because what art seeks is to lead to a reflection that is unique and particular to each viewer.

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