During The Winter

Winter has arrived, and La Paz has adorned itself with new hues to welcome those adventurous individuals who are eager to continue exploring and discovering the marvels that surround the capital of the Baja California Sur peninsula – particularly the ones related to marine life. Before starting, travelers should consider the following various maritime activities to be included in their itinerary:

Sea Lions

These friendly creatures are a protected species in Mexico. Although they live year-round in the Gulf of California, snorkeling with sea lions from September to May is advisable. In San Rafaelito, a part of the Natural Protected Area, Balandra Beach has an impressive sea lion rookery where you can observe the species’ behavior in its natural habitat. Following the guidelines established by CONANP and SEMARNAT.

Bird Watching

There are large colonies of migratory birds, which can be observed and photographed from a boat. It is an ecotourism experience that involves knowledge and understanding of the different species.

Grey Whale Watching Excursion

It is the ideal season for excursions to meet these cetaceans that visit the warm waters of Baja California Sur during the winter (December – April) to reproduce and give birth. In La Paz, Puerto Chale is the only grey whale sanctuary, and due to the geographical conditions, the small whale calves can be observed from the boat in an impressive and moving spectacle.

Snorkeling in Virgin Beaches

Swimming under the crystal-clear water of the Gulf of California is a beautiful glimpse into a world with a wide variety of colorful fish that you can find on beaches such as Punta Arenas de la Ventana, El Tecolote Beach, Ensenada Grande Beach, and Pichilingue Beach.

Swim with Whale Sharks

Swimming with the largest fish in the world is intimidating. Still, the reality is that this specimen is a docile species that visits the warm waters of La Paz, where it feeds on plankton and does not represent any danger to humans. It is essential to mention that the guidance of professionals is necessary for the safety of this activity, which involves great ecological responsibility.

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