The Hidden Cave Paintings of San José de Comondú

On the way to the municipality of Comondú, you will find the landscape of two sister towns called San José and San Miguel de Comondú, known as “Los Comondú”.

On this occasion, we will share with you a historical jewel, hidden in San José de Comondú.

Do you know about the cave paintings in this picturesque town? The town boasts ancient cave paintings that are truly remarkable. These two-colour paintings are white and red, with some pink, terracotta, and black colours. They are located on a great rock wall that serves as a pictorial sanctuary. The ancient Californians made these paintings and included symbols such as human forms, animals, straight lines, squares, and some amorphous shapes (have no fixed form or shape). The local guides believe they are part of the parietal art, meaning these drawings date back to the palaeolithic time (Stone Age). You can find these paintings on the walls of caves or grottos, small houses, and rocky shelters. They continue to fascinate visitors to this day.

The San José de Comondú paintings adorn a tall rocky wall 50 meters high and towards the east. The wall features curved structures with various symbolic patterns and visible animal forms, including a whale and a turtle. Additionally, there are finger strokes on the wall. Fortunately, the paintings are protected by the shadow of the hill, and despite being exposed to sunlight, they have not been damaged.

It is advisable to seek the assistance of an experienced local guide to reach this destination. Now, you can start planning your next adventure to California’s rich and fascinating past!

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