Geoffrey Fernandez: 8th Edition ATP 250 Los Cabos Open

What has it been like to reach the eighth edition of the Mifel Tennis Open by Telcel Oppo?

Reaching the eighth edition is surreal. It feels very recent. When this project began, we had an idea about the different stages. The response from the people and sponsors has been fantastic. Giving us the motivation to move forward.

(It should be noted that the ATP 250 Los Cabos Open is the classification for the Mifel Tennis Open by Telcel Oppo.) We have 4 of the Top 10 players in the program, something that would never have been anticipated previously.

We are pleased about the excitement and participation of the fans and our venue at the Cabo Sports Complex.

Could having these four players be considered one of the challenges?

Having a 250-tournament classification with 4 of the top 10 is difficult. It’s rare, but without a doubt, it was a goal we set for ourselves. These great players in the Top 10 are playing fewer and fewer tournaments. This is a great achievement for us.

How have you seen the impact of the Tennis Open on the local economy?

Yes, the impact of this event on the economy has been very positive. It has created numerous employment opportunities, as we directly employ approximately one thousand people and work with six hotels exclusively for ATP players without sponsors or internal equipment. So far, we have generated 4,650 rooms per night during the event. The most recent tournament alone generated a revenue of 117 million MXN from national and international visitors.

Now that the tournament date has been changed to February, are you considering new communication strategies?

It is a different market, but without a doubt, the community is vital to us. Specifically, the local community has played a significant role in making our event successful, and we are very grateful for their support. Moving forward, we focus on reaching potential spectators outside our immediate community. We have developed a targeted strategy to reach this audience and are excited to see the results.

We are discussing this with FITURCA’s representative in Los Angeles, Susie Albin Najera. Additionally, we are collaborating with Rodrigo Esponda, FITURCA’s General Director, who has graciously allowed us to work with his team. This partnership is essential for us to leverage FITURCA’s connections and presence.

What is the experience that the Los Cabos players take with them?

They love Los Cabos. The truth is that they are players who live in the moment. They have 30 tournaments throughout the year, and for them to come to a game with such hospitality and sincere friendliness is a welcome change. It makes them feel like they are returning home, and it is wonderful. It has become one of their favorite cities. In the short time they have been here, and even though they come to work, it is evident that they have valued their visits. They have even rescheduled on occasions to return to Los Cabos for vacation.

Do you think Los Cabos is winning the hearts of the national tourists?

Over the past seven years, we have observed many fans from Mexico City and the State of Mexico visiting Los Cabos for our extraordinary event, held in a spectacular location with unique features. The audience response has been excellent.

The tournament has seen significant growth since its inception. The first year had 12,000 attendees, while this year’s attendance reached 33,000. As organizers, we prioritize creating a family-friendly and entertaining event.

What message would you like to share with the community of Los Cabos for these seven years of ATP?

I want to express my gratitude to the community, government agencies, private initiatives, and media for their unwavering support towards the successful execution of the Tennis Open event. Without your help, this event would not have been possible. I also invite you all to join us for the new tournament date and follow us on our digital platform to stay up to date with more information regarding the eighth edition of the tournament.

Here’s a reminder about our additional activities: we have “Kids Night” and “Family Day”, with fun activities and informative talks for all ages to learn more about this high-performance sport.

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