Dishes to savour Mexico’s pre-Hispanic history.

The Itakate Garden Hall was dressed up for the 19th. The University of the Gulf of California (UGC) will host a Prehispanic Gastronomic Exhibition 2024 called “Xitlakuakih.” It will feature culinary presentations by second-year students in the Culinary Arts degree program. Four-month period.

“Xitlakuakih” is a word that refers to an invitation in Nahuatl to eat. Attendees sampled nine dishes, including two desserts, inspired by ancient Maya, Aztec, Olmec, Toltec, Pericua, Cochimí, and Guaycura tribes. All are full of novel flavours as a tribute to pre-Hispanic cultures.

The dishes are based on the ethnic cuisines of Southern Baja California. For example, the Cochimi group’s cuisine featured shrimp and fish tacos prepared using the poaching technique, served with chilate and tejuino. The Guaycura group presented a fish tamale wrapped in sweet potato, served with plum sauce and dried chipotle. The dish represents the Guaycura god “Guamonjo,” who was worshiped by the Guamas and believed to be the cause of diseases. The Pericú tribe was represented with a chocolate clam dish, topped with a dried chilli sauce with a hint of sweetness. The dish was served with a refreshing fresh passion fruit and a soursop drink.

The students paid tribute to the culture of ancient Californians and tribes of central and southeastern Mexico, such as Aztecs, Totonacas, and Mayans, by organizing a food-tasting event based on their cuisine, customs, and lifestyles. The dishes were totally original and creative.

The indigenous groups of the continental sierras were present in dishes such as tacos, sweet and savoury empanadas, rabbit tamales and beans with pumpkin seeds. The desserts were the most awaited of the evening; the first was a honey “nixtamal” (corn grinding base) with blackberry jam, and the second was a blackberry snow decorated with edible flowers that, in addition, if combined with a bit of “chilate” (corn-based beverage), was a “manjar” (delicacy) for the gods!

Undoubtedly, the student culinary experience left a creative mark on the gastronomic community in Los Cabos.

Congratulations! We’re excited about the upcoming “Sin of the Year” gastronomic event, which will showcase delicious desserts.

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