A Note from the Editor: Spring Diaries

Wearing a hat while exploring the Sierra de la Giganta is a matter of great pride! The Jesuits traveled along the “royal road” between the mission of San Francisco Javier and San José de Comondú, which posed a significant challenge for them. However, it is an even more significant source of pride and challenge to undertake a pilgrimage along this road that has witnessed a thousand adventures, thoughts, plans, and projects of the people who have traveled it before us

We are excited to collaborate with ranchers from Southern California because of their unwavering dedication to preserving their traditions and unconditional caring for their land. These ranchers are to be admired because of their authenticity, steadfast resilience, and commitment to their Sudcalifornian lifestyle. These remote areas preserve the ranches and serve as guardians, allowing refinement to flourish in Los Cabos.

We spent three intense months in Los Cabos and had an exhilarating time at the Mifel Tennis Open. Where Jordan Thompson played outstandingly to win the championship. Nicksan is commemorating its 30th anniversary, and to start the year of celebrations, they participated in Amorcito Corazón and Sabor a Cabo Rural. They know the importance of unity, which strengthens the Los Cabos community.

Finally, we are pleased to announce the success of Los Cabos Fashion Week, organized by the renowned designer duo Indira & Isidro. Additionally, as icing on the cake, a few days before the event was closed, the third Amorcito Corazón event was held to support children and teenagers with heart disease. Many iconic restaurants, including Chef Angel Carbajal from Nicksan. Chef Emanuele Oliveros from Riccio di Mare, Chef Paolo Della Corte from Muna by Nobu, and Chef Héctor Morales from Sunset Monalisa, among others, joined in to prepare signature recipes for the occasion.

What else is new? Read the article by Cecilia Nuñez, a travel and food journalist whom the Culinary Awards invited to explore what’s happening in Los Cabos. We congratulate our dear friend, Cristina Rodriguez on her appointment as General Coordinator of Madrugadores de Los Cabos. Also, in this edition, we welcome Dennis Berti, an excellent photographer and friend who has joined Tendencia’s team of collaborators. And to top it off, we are now available for purchase at Sanborns!

Thanks for reading us!

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