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Searching for a Pearl

A story from the desk of Laura G. Bueno

“In the dark depths of the Sea of Cortez, a fine particle of sand pierces the shell of an oyster, causing a wound. The mollusk suffers and tolerates the pain caused by the intrusion. However, it refuses living like this. Seeing that its peace of mind is threatened, the oyster turns to an inner defense
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Back to Celebrating Life

At Del Cabo Event Design, we listen to our clients. When they asked us for smaller, personalized events, we started to imagine. Creatively themed decor. Incredible entertainment. Live local music. Cultural immersion. Singing, dancing. Craft classes. Stunning illumination. Mouthwatering food. Bodacious beverages. What if we could curate moments that transport them into uniquely fun experiences
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The Cellars of Del Mar

At the Southern tip of the Baja within the legendary master-planned development of Palmilla, you will find the exclusive communities of Villas Del Mar and Espiritu by Del Mar Development.  Inside the community gates are the world’s most coveted homes built over the course of two decades. When you arrive, you are transported into another
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The Interview: Luis Araiza

Luis Araiza in the world of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability Luis Humberto Araiza Lopez has been a public servant for more than 26 years. His current position as the secretary of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability (SETUES) allows him to develop the public policies that have helped position Baja California Sur as one of the highest-rated
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Human beings move and travel by nature and, as in everything, there are fixed conditions and variable conditions. Nowadays, all communication platforms, whether physical or virtual, view and present the subject of traveling in a way that we could not imagine just a few months ago. It is interesting how special emphasis is now placed
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A Note from the Editor

After saying goodbye to a year full of uncertainty, Tendencia has reinvented itself and joined a changing world. Although fear can be paralyzing, we can’t let it happen and must embrace the inevitable. As a result, we decided to change our corporate image, venture into a new way of communicating, the podcast, and reduce the
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