Work of Giants: Majestic Murals

Cave painting is a cultural heritage of enormous complexity. It is the result of manifestations of prehistoric groups who inhabited the various areas where the remains exist today. The caves that house sets of paintings are La Pintada, Las Flechas, La Musica, La Soledad, Boca San Julio, Cuesta Palmarito and El Raton.

Access to the complex of mountains and large caves where you can see the large murals is restricted to 2,000 people per year. Few are the privileged who are lucky enough to enrich their spirit with this experience.

We recommend you get to the beautiful town of San Ignacio and contact the INAH staff so they can authorize access and guide you to the paintings. If you take the federal highway from San Ignacio to Guerrero Negro, you reach a dirt road in about 23 miles that leads to a small town nestled in the heart of the San Francisco de la Sierra mountains.

The Sierra de San Francisco is an isolated region that has few roads. Touring the sites requires walking horse trails, that is, where only horses pass, not cars. The tour is on the back of a mule or on foot and is a true and wonderful adventure.

If you are one of the privileged who manages to secure a place on this tour, you will be dazzled by an amazing and wild landscape that, in addition to its natural beauty, leads to an encounter with an ancestral world in each of the great murals.

Why can it be a majestic adventure?

In this imaginary world, in this desert paradise, the murals record desires and purposes, but above all a deep body of stone, a fusion of rock, rough rock, resistant to the sun and the dark.

Hiking the interpretive trails will help you work on your confidence, self-esteem, and empathy in companionship with tolerance and crisis management due to the physical demands and the remoteness from creature comforts.

Human images of great proportions, with arms raised, in colors of red, black and yellow seem to welcome us to this scented land. The Sierra de San Francisco range is a natural fortress with volcanic formations at the center of a series of plains that lead to a great temple of art. Several deep gullies emerge from the center of this volcanic matter that also serves as the access to the mountain range.

The adventurers are few, but the emotions are many. Dare to visit this unimaginable place!


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