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Nutrition and Breast Cancer Society

Breast Cancer Society is a nonprofit organization active through different events to support women with breast cancer. Last Saturday 13 April, a conference about nutrition by Diana Peñuelas was held. She talked about what types of food benefits your health when treatment is in course against cancer.   Diana addressed the importance of preventive education insisting on doing mammograms and self-exams so you can detect the changes
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What was the Leo Zuckermann conference about?

Leo Zuckermann conference took place the past Friday 25th January, at the AMEXME forum. Eloquently He exposes different ideas about the good, the bad and the ugly of the actual president of Mexico, Andres Manuel López Obrador.   Invited by The Association of Women Entrepreneurs (AMEXME), Leo Zuckermann gave a detailed analysis and point of view on public policies, as well as the country’s possible economy outcome of each. 
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Experience the AMEXME regional forum

AMEXME is a non-profit association that seeks the connection between women entrepreneurs to promote and support business exchange. This regional forum aims to grow connections and provide ideas for productivity and innovation.  Thanks to the Association of Women Entrepreneurs, chapter San Jose Los Cabos won the contest to host the regional forum for 2019. The invitation is open on January
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