Traveling: Spring Diaries

And why not relive a “La Recua“ section again and see how it feels? I’m sure you would!

That’s how the adventure narrated in this Tendencia issue began. A group of six individuals, along with eight mules, carried food, drinks, and necessary materials to undertake a four-day, three-night journey through a stretch of Baja California Sur. The team arrived by car from Loreto to San Javier and then headed towards San José de Comondú.

It was an extraordinary journey through landscapes painted in ochre, brown, green, and blue shades. The perfect silence was an unusual yet welcome companion to appreciate these unique sights that cannot be seen in any other way. This adventure will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression in the memories of those who participated in this edition (or expedition).

The team was professionally guided and accompanied by “Che” (José Martínez Castro) and his son Fausto, better known as “El Chato”. They received the best advice from Trudi Angell. Together, they traveled through a stretch of approximately 50 kilometers of the Camino Real between the two communities mentioned above.

Trudi, who had been in Loreto for over forty years, was the best help we could have imagined. We had a unique experience full of anecdotes we shared during our three nights of camping.

During our journey, we came across groups of enormous stones arranged perfectly in a wall-like formation, giving the impression that they had been intentionally placed there a long time ago. Additionally, we noticed slabs on the ground aligned so precisely that they appeared to have some design pattern.

The guides’ incredible mastery in arranging all the necessary materials and food for the trip in “arguenas” and mounting these leather bags onto the mules’ backs caught our attention. This method of packing is typical in this area.

One of the trip’s highlights was arriving at the San José de Comondú mission. This mission was the largest one in the 18th century despite being in an immense canyon, which presented significant construction challenges.

Traveling even partially along the “Camino Real,“ the Californian marvel that was the axis of colonization for the area’s natives, is an extraordinary, representative, and recommendable experience.

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