The Magic is in the Moments

A visit to the adjoining towns of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas promises to awaken your sense of wonder. Let yourself be dazzled by our colorful sunrises and sunsets. Let the Sea of Cortez wash away your stress when you dive into the crystal clear turquoise water. Let our smiles, make you smile.


On the Internet, there is an abundance of information about Los Cabos, including 7 reasons to visit, the top 10 activities, 20 best luxury hotels and 30 things not to miss. What you cannot find on these lists is the magic that comes from what you will discover through your own personal experiences. For example, when cruising out of the bay, one of our visiting gray whale breaches and rolls close to your boat. You are sure his dorsal fin is waving to you.

Gray whales migrate to the bay each year and are one of our faithful visitors. Their passing through these waters enriches every boat ride with sudden appearances that delight and amaze everyone.


Your options are endless. Is your dream to go deep-sea fishing? How about a desire to golf on world-class courses? Maybe you are ready for an adrenaline rush that comes from crossing a canyon on Mexico’s longest zip-line?

Whatever you are wishing for – perhaps shop for art in the Art District of San Jose del Cabo, dine on fresh seafood in downtown Cabo San Lucas, sip margaritas, dance, relax, enjoy a siesta, hug-a-cactus (ouch), re-energize in a spa or take a tour of nearby communities such as Todos Santos, Miraflores or Los Barriles – Los Cabos has you covered.



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Issue 27 - Los Cabos
Issue 27 - Los Cabos
Los Cabos is at its best. There’s more to do than ever and everything is ready for your arrival. In this edition, as in the past, we do our best to be your helpful host and guide to this beautiful peninsula.