Dolphin Discovery

Only by looking after the well-being of others are you able to find your own!

The goal of the Dolphin Discovery foundation is the comprehensive development of children from birth to 16 years of age. An integrated model of cooperation between different sectors in the community is employed to promote an organized civil society.

This charitable association is committed to helping the children of Mexico and the islands of the Caribbean realize their full potential and improve their quality of life.


To support, promote and operate socially oriented programs that attend to the most urgent needs of our children.

  • Health: Work to ensure the mental, physical and social welfare of children through medical attention, nutrition and the treatment of disabilities.


  • Education: Improve childhood learning to guarantee a better life.


  • Housing: Make adequate housing accessible to families with limited economic resources in order to promote the development of children and positively affect their quality of life.

You can participate by donating through Paypal, on our website or by volunteering.



Datos de contacto | Contact Information

Guadalupe Jiménez

Tel. (998) 881-7400