La Roca International Cuisine

La Roca International Cuisine invites you to experience a whole new concept of Sunday Brunch that includes signature cocktails and multi-course hot dishes served in a breathtaking environment.

To begin, try the cold bar set up with fresh seafood such as tuna tataki, clam chocolata cocktail and oysters. From there, you have the choice of four different salads and a delicious clam chowder, while preparing your taste buds for the hot dishes.

Each main dish is prepared in the moment and served on a yamucha cart that preserves the flavor while offering a mobile selection of various recipes.

Seven hot dishes will be brought to your table in a sequence designed to harmonize the flavors. The menu incorporates the classic dishes of Chef Hector Lucas who pays homage to his culinary heritage with the most traditional Mexican ingredients. Those include braised rib with chocolate fettucini accompanied with a mole sauce, shrimp ravioli with al pastor sauce, and bean tamales.

For a sweet ending, choose from carrot cake, ganash tart, tiramisu, creamy passion fruit and six other desserts that will tempt you to linger and try them all.

An elite selection au courant mixology is also part of the brunch concept. Alan Gonzalez has concocted seven distinctive cocktails to accompany each course. In addition to the classics such as mimosas and bloody marys, Mr. Gonzalez excels at fruit infusions including lichi, peach, pineapple, passion fruit and fruits of the forest.

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