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The Flavors of Baja California Sur

Roberto Padilla

Gastronomy in Mexico, as well as in the rest of the world, constitutes an intangible and worthy cultural heritage. Our country has a wide variety of traditional cooking styles, dishes, aromas and flavors. That is why there is a relentless fervor to demonstrate the culinary traditions of each region through festivals. Baja California Sur treasures
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Stand Strong

“Love and science in the service of life” The Children’s Rehabilitation Center Teleton serves 843 children and youth with disabilities in Baja California Sur. Following a model of care centered on the patient and family, CRIT employs physical, psychological, social and spiritual elements for rehabilitation.   Mission: Recognize and safeguard the dignity of the individual.
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El Zacatal Ranch

Estela Davis

The Zacatal was a 495-acre property located about six miles south of Loreto and owned by don Juan Garayzar Larrinaga. Don Juan knew that the land on the ranch was very fertile and decided to plant vineyards. The press and the mill used to make the wine were donated to Don Juan by the Santo
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Missionary Art & History

SANTIAGO DE LAS CORAS, SANTIAGO APÓSTOL O SANTIAGO AIÑINI (1721-1795) Endowed by the Marquis of Villapuente, the mission was established by Father Ignacio Maria Napoli on the gulf side at the southern end of the peninsula. The missionary, obeying the orders of Father Ugarte who was leaving for Colorado, arrived at the port of Las
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Grilled Fossil

Juan Melgar

We floated. Three divers at the mouth of the narrow cove called Los Lobos, near the magical town of Todos Santos. The waves of the Pacific Ocean thundered against the stone monoliths of the coast, with us tossing on their foamy spines. Down below, ten fathoms away, a chubby shadow came out of a cave
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La Paz Gastronomy

What stands out the most about Sudcalifornian gastronomy is the freshness of the ingredients. Of course, “The Aquarium of the World” provides the richest seafood. In La Paz you will eat so fresh, even the clams are kept in the Sea of Cortez seawater and you can see how the waiter goes by to collect
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Bajatender: Osvaldo Vazquez

There is great satisfaction in watching Cabo San Lucas continue to blossom. Hotels and restaurants are going all-out to provide luxury services with a local flare and, at the same time, offer world-class service in the bars. It’s especially interesting to watch inspired Baja California Sur bartenders create cocktails that become icons of the destination.
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Gastro Cantina: La Biblioteca de Tequila

La Biblioteca is transformed into a Mexican Gastro-Cantina A year after opening, La Biblioteca de Tequila dialed up the noise around the Mexican drink par excellence, tequila. Since then, the restaurant has been widely accepted by tourists and locals alike. Starting this May, everyone will be able to enjoy the new “Cantina” concept. In addition
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Paradisus Gastro Bar

“My life is the kitchen. Bite to bite, dish to dish and dessert to dessert, I seek to devour the gastronomic world.” Martin Berasategui stands out for his warmth, generosity and charisma. With a career spanning 41 years, he tells us his place in the world of gastronomy is due to experience, discipline and teamwork.
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La Deriva Cucina Italiana

For Chef Emanuele Olivero, combining ingredients and cooking foods that require elaborate preparation are two of his passions. Influenced greatly by his native land, Cuneo, Italy and the Piedmont region, La Deriva implements the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine with local ingredients. His mother and grandmother provided the basis for his culinary knowledge and understanding
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De Cortez

Manuel de Luca The origin of Manuel De Lucas’s desire to become a chef can be found in his memories of visits to his grandmother’s house, spending time with the family around the table, and enjoying the actual experience of eating. In 2003, Manuel arrived in Mexico for the first time as part of the
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Cabo San Lucas

Right in downtown Cabo San Lucas, and over an area of approximately eight blocks, you will find a number of nice restaurants distributed along a particular route that are ideal for enjoying their excellent menus with friends or family. This is a selection we highly recommend you visit. However, with all that Cabo San Lucas
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One & Only Palmilla

Jean Georges Vongerichten The show is on the plate! This is what cooking is like for three Michelin star chef Jean Georges Vongerichten. The charisma of the chef-entertainer, as he describes himself, lights up a room. His passion for food is contagious. Indeed, the menus at both Suviche and Seared are a great performance. With
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Mexico Tuesday Music

The historic center of San Jose del Cabo, one of Baja California Sur most beautiful cities, shares its history and culture through the buildings. Old houses on cobblestone streets with their bright colors, patios and interior gardens, have become restaurants, galleries, shops and hotels that are a unique attraction for locals and tourists. Merchants of
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Jesus Corral

Traveling is a human activity that can be traced back to the first appearance of humans on earth. Moving from one place to another forced us to plan the trip. Two things were fundamental: eating and sheltering in a safe place. Over time, these activities have acquired such a level of sophistication that food, as
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A Note from the Editor

Golf and fishing are tourist attractions that rebounded some years ago in Los Cabos. It took a titanic effort. Unprecedented events that drew the eyes of the world to this peninsula were organized, and an environment of beautiful sea and desert was discovered. Today, fishing tournaments here are the most important in the world, there
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