Californian Literature: Las Memorias del Vigía

Biography of the Author

Gustavo de la Peña Avilés was born in Cabo San Lucas in 1995. Researching regional history and culture are his passions. As a result, he has been a contributor of the Museum of Natural History of Los Cabos and Lola Beltrán Museum of El Rosario, Sinaloa.

Gustavo is the winner of the 2016 University Story Contest from the Universidad Autonoma of Baja California Sur (UABCS); he participates in regional and municipal meetings of history and literature.; author of Memorias del Vigia, 2015 (Memories of the Watcher: History of Cabo San Lucas) and two other books currently in the process of editing.

Portrait of the Book

Valuable result of four years of investigation in libraries, museums, archives, and interviews, in addition to other sources of information. The book leads readers on a journey through the mazes of the enigmatic history of Cabo San Lucas and highlights the geographical importance of this port city.

The author weaves a pleasant story and unites the tracks that other writers have left as printed evidence to revive the memory of the Sanluqueños.

In addition to all that is behind this destination as a global example of tourism and the world capital of marlin, Gustavo shows a Cabo San Lucas that is home to the great adventures of pirates, treasures, conquerors, natural disasters and beautiful stories told by ancestors.

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