Baja California Sur

From the flavor of the Ranch and the mountains, to the most sophisticated culinary creations: touring the Southern Baja California peninsula is also an adventure on the palate. The food of this region has a rich history that goes from legends guaycuras and a missionary era, until the last years in which there has been a true gastronomic boom in the extreme south of the state.
The geographical location of Baja California Sur and its history have made its gastronomy a very peculiar one in which the best of the sea and the land is used. From the freshest products such as the exquisite and unique chocolate clam, to the dried beef and its famous flour tortillas. No matter where you eat, you will always eat exquisite.
From north to south, each place has a culinary accent. In Loreto, magical town, you can enjoy the flavor of history with the legendary “tamemadas clams” a dish that evokes the guaycuras times. In Mulegé and Comondú, the best lobsters and cocktails of seafood are unmissable. While Los Cabos and La Paz have established themselves as interesting gastronomic destinations with a great and sophisticated offer.

But no matter where you are, across the peninsula you can find the internationally famous fish, shrimp and clam tacos; machaca burritos; meat patties in red chile; typical sweets of mango, date and walnut; as well as regional cow and goat cheeses. Exquisite

The flavors of Baja California Sur are a celebration and the cradle of countless festivals: from the international Sabor a Cabo, in Los Cabos; the Festival of the Chocolate Clam, in Loreto; and La Pazion for the Taste of La Paz. Here the palate always lives a party that ends with a delicious damiana liquor in front of the sea.

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