La Roca: 45 years of culinary success


With a glass of Sauvignon Blanc from Guadalupe Valley in one hand and a jicama gazpacho with oyster and fried parsley ready to be tasted at the table, the celebration of La Roca 45th anniversary began with the promise of exhibiting 10 culinary courses. 

Under the direction of the executive chef, Alberto Collarte, the menu showed the essence and identity that characterizes La Roca restaurant. One of the main challenges that the chef faced were the portions of the dishes since his intention was that the guest could finish the menu without problem. 

The perfect cooking, the excellent service from all the staff, the combination of flavors and the exquisite wines that harmonized in tune with each dish, ended the evening with total success.  

Collarte, excited and nervous about the big night, wanted the menu to be a surprise for diners to have a culinary experience like no other. They presented a range of ingredients that went from goat and pumpkin flower to pork belly and beef tongue. 

César Pita from the Viceroy Hotel, Alex Seidel from Colorado, Pedro Martin from the Canary Islands and Ulises Rodríguez from Mexico were the team of chefs invited to celebrate together with La Roca and they were in charge of the different courses.  The four chefs and Alberto Collarte delighted dinner’s palate with local and fresh products, creating the perfect balance. 

The wines played an important role for the tasting of each dish and thanks to the sommelier Jose Martinez, the combinations brought particular notes such as the citrus flavor of Albariño Martin Codax, Rias Baixas, Spain that was perfectly paired with the crust of paella with chocolate clam ceviche, lobster roe, and avocado. 

On the celebration of La Roca, the Chef commented to TENDENCIA: “The restaurant opened in 1974. This celebration is the perfect setting to cook with friends and present different food proposals.” 

Undoubtedly, La Roca is a restaurant with great experience and, above all, represents the exceptional international cuisine of Grand Solmar Resort & Spa.


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