How to select a piece of art?

The reasons to buy a work of art are many. One might be that you see the work and are excited by it. Another may be that you are looking for something for a place in your home or at work, or perhaps to make a special gift.

When you are ready to choose a work of art, it is recommended that you first visit the different galleries, museums, fairs and exhibitions of the city you are visiting or where you live. In addition to it being a rewarding and enriching experience, this method allows you to obtain more accurate information about what is happening in the contemporary art scene.

No matter the reason you find yourself in front of the work, learn about the artist, his or her training, previous exhibitions, awards and recognitions. You can usually find information about the artist’s biography in the gallery where the art work is displayed. An online search can often provide an even deeper understanding of the artist.

Before buying a piece for your collection, a detailed analysis is paramount. The first thing on your list should be the question of authenticity. Proof of authenticity is not difficult if the artist is still alive. However, it can be problematic if the artist has died. The best way to protect yourself is to obtain a certificate of authenticity from an expert, preferably the most important authority on the artist.

A valuable plus when acquiring a work is to get acquainted with the artist. That will allow you to delve deep into the piece and learn whether it belongs to a series or is a new project.

For many people, the world of art is not just a hobby or an investment, it is a passion. Art can represent specific moments of our lives and that is precisely what makes art more interesting, magical and human.

Academies and art institutions consider art a historical record of humanity. So, open the door and begin your wonderful journey!

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