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Stand Strong

Restaurando Nuestra Historia AC was officially established in July 2011 with the goal of conserving and promoting the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Baja California Sur. Since that time, the organization has spearheaded the promotion of the community and the last seven years have seen many triumphs. The emphasis has been on supporting regional
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Architectural glossary

The importance of the program to conserve and restore the temples built during the missionary period of Baja California Sur makes it indispensable to have a vocabulary that serves as the basis for the nomenclature of the architectural elements. As a reference guide and to complement traveler guides, this brief section provides some definitions. Abacus:
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Driven by the slogan Alone Invisible, Together Invincible, the Association of Businesswomen, San Jose del Cabo Chapter sponsored the successful AMEXME Business Forum 2019 last January in Los Cabos. The event proved that unions make a difference when it is about organization and putting the name of Los Cabos back on top. With a program
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José Soto Molina

BIRTHPLACE OF CULINARY TRADITIONS Native Food The historical roots of Southern Californian cuisine contain similarities between dishes from Sonora, Sinaloa and Jalisco, the heirs of the food of New Spain and Spain. During the missionary era, the Jesuits introduced wheat, corn, beans, lentils, chickpeas, squash, zapote, millet, pomegranates, lemons, plums, cabbage, lettuce, sugar cane, rice,
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De Cortez

Anyone who visits De Cortez Grill and Restaurant should be prepared for an unparalleled dining experience. With great passion, the Chef and his team provide a level of service and cuisine that can only be described as multisensory. Chef Cristian Schwuger graduated from the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy, where he combined his studies with his
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Rosaura Rodríguez

“Photography as a technique is pure physics. It is handling light and shadows, movement and distances. Observation, sensitivity and talent are the key to turning it into Art.” In the digital age, photography has become even more of an art. The talent behind the camera lens goes far beyond just clicking. In an interview with
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ME Cabo

A space for avant-garde art and culture ME CABO is naturally integrated into the environment. The sun and the sea play fundamental roles. The long white walls and decorations with mirrors relax the senses, offering unique sensorial experiences focused on the brand’s four cultural pillars: Art, Gastronomy, Design and Music; whilst maintaining a close relationship
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A little piece of land between the desert, the sea and the sky

Joaquín Précoma Valle

After having met this paradise and enjoying the attractions and amenities the destination offers, while closing the last suitcase and handing over the key to your hotel room or the majestic villa that was your home for a few days, pause and remember the moments you will always treasure and the sadness of leaving this
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Responsibility, honesty and confidentiality are the values that drive the Culebro Abogados law firm. Transparency with the customer is essential. As a result, each lawyer at Culebro Abogados does everything possible to meet the needs of customers in a professional and timely manner. Personalized service and constant communication make sure clients feel supported and not
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Casa by the sea

Longtime friends and Los Cabos residents, Mexican Interior Designer Beatriz Redo and her partner, Michelle Trulaske, recognized the need for a boutique that provides authentic, high-end Mexican designed furnishings and art for homes by the Sea of Cortez. As a result, they created Casa by the Sea in San Jose del Cabo. This artistic enclave
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Rancho San Lucas

Mexican-Spanish architecture, spectacular views of the Pacific, elegant interiors with masculine undertones, a Greg Norman Signature golf course, and an exclusive members-only Beach Club are just a few of the details that make the Norman Estates at Rancho San Lucas a bold new concept in luxury real estate living. This residential enclave within the exclusive
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Jesus Corral

Baja California Sur is the ideal location to incorporate architecture into nature. The range of colors, shapes, and textures contribute enormously to this artistic expression and constantly create new challenges. Mexican architecture has been recognized for several centuries. The cultures that first came to our territory developed civic and religious centers that attracted a growing
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