Scented Soil

There is a majestically place of immense natural beauty in the vicinity of the Sierra de la Laguna. It is called Rancho Santa Rita and it is dedicated to alternative tourism.

The serrano circuit of the northern area of ​​the municipality of Los Cabos is composed of several ranches that make the most of their natural and cultural resources. This circuit is made up of the ranches, the refuge in the San Dionisio estate (Rogelio Rosas), the Ecological Sun Ranch in the Fox Canyon, and the Santa Rita Ranch (Don Braulio Nuñez).

Rogelio Rosas, from the Refuge Ranch, is a specialist in alternative tourism. He has been a faithful ally for most of the ranchers in the development of their projects.

The thermal waters of Santa Rita are perhaps the main attraction of this hidden place. However, the stream that descends from the top of the Sierra de Laguna is another impressive attraction that has created the unique form of this majestic oasis: rocks, cool water, thermal water, flora, fauna and spirituality.

If you want to discuss achieving health through water, Santa Rita certainly has it. The chemical and biological properties of mineral waters have been known and employed since early times. They are dependable therapies for depression, stress, aging and weight.

In addition, the area around the thermal waters has recreational purposes and teaching opportunities. Take a walk on one of the trails and you can not only delight in the landscape but learn about the unique flora and wildlife.


There are several ways to enjoy this oasis. You can stay for a few hours or camp for a night in one of the designated spaces. Most nights, it’s possible to enjoy a starry sky. You can also step away from the friendly ambience of the campfire and enjoy the different melodies of the animals of the night.

In the morning, stoke the fire again and wait for the ritual of the pigeons, cardinals, and larks. Every day, the birds come to the streams to drink and then sing to the world from the heights of the trees.

If you are really interested in seeing the different birds in their natural environment, you’ll want to look for the Torcaza white-winged pigeon, California quail, hummingbird, bluebird, buzzard, sparrow hawk, red-tailed hawk, road runner, cardinal, lark, owl, sparrow, crow, woodpecker, and the Lelo.

Likewise, there is impressive flora such as the Shotgun Tree, Skunk Tree, Brasil Tree, Chinese Stick, Palo de Arco, Palo Blanco, Palma Fan, Papache, Sweet Pitahaya, Romerillo, San Miguel, Sauce, Forever Alive, Red Torote, Viejito, Vinorama, Yucca, and Zalate.

The Santa Rita hot spring contains a high amount of natural minerals; perfect for a healthy bath. The heat eradicates germs by increasing the body temperature and elevates the hydrostatic pressure of the body, increasing blood circulation and oxygenation. The hot thermal water also helps eliminate toxins.

The entire area belongs to the Sierra de la Laguna biosphere. It is a ​​protected natural area and, therefore, there are rules to follow. However, there is nothing out of the ordinary in terms of caring for the environment.

Santa Rita is an entrance to a natural environment where the life of the Baja California ranch will welcome you. When you travel along the rural road, there’s a good chance your first welcome will come from cows and goats. In due time, you will arrive at the ranch entrance, the Santa Rita hot springs and, normally, you will see the owner himself, Don Braulio.

This scented soil is full of mysteries and majestic realities. It offers the essence of tranquility and dreams for the spirit. As the poet Fernando Jordan said, the perfumed earth welcomes you.

… I offer you the land.

Stay here, you have come.

If in the pursuit of an illusion

the wind has brought you

there was no better purpose for your ship

than this my land of illusions …

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