The importance of Meeting Tourism in Baja California Sur

Jose Miguel Fernandez

Partner and Director of the International Convention Center Los Cabos-La Paz

Meetings are now a strong component of the tourism industry and a key contributor to the growth and development of Los Cabos and La Paz. According to the World Tourism Organization, meeting tourism is defined as the travel activity that takes place outside of a person’s usual environment for at least 24 hours and satisfies the requirements of a meeting.

Meetings tend to strengthen public and private cooperation, generate diverse businesses around tourism and favor economic spillover. For example, the average expenditure of an international tourist attending meetings is higher than that of a tourist who visits the destination for pleasure.

Every time tourists have a positive meeting experience, the attendees become true promoters of the destination. Which is another reason to position ourselves internationally and strengthen the city brand.


International Convention Center Bajasur is the main commercial brand for the convention centers in Los Cabos and La Paz. Administered and operated by Actidea S.A. de C.V., a 100 percent Mexican company that works hand-in-hand with the Trade Fair Institution of Madrid, the focus is on managing the spaces for all kinds of activities, from fairs to conferences to events.

For each event, the target audience is determined and the number of events and a background check of the company that represents the event is verified. Among the events this year, the most important are the Meeting Professional International in La Paz, the National Congress of the Meeting Industry and Expo Beauty World. The goal is to consolidate the two convention centers for 2020.

For Baja California Sur, having two convention centers doubles the opportunities for attracting events. There are two different types of products that reflect their environment. The State Tourism Trust, the Los Cabos Tourism Trust, and La Paz Tourism Trust have worked closely to generate a broader product than experiential value and service to the customer are always marked by the satisfaction with quality.

The capacity for ICC Los Cabos is 9000 people in an area of nearly 70,000 square feet. The space can be divided into 11 different rooms. There’s also a 17,000 square foot lobby, a terrace with a spectacular view of the Sea of ​​Cortez, the largest natural green wall in Latin America and a 140,000 square foot parking area.

ICC La Paz is 43,000 square feet of space that can accommodate 4000 people and be divided into eight rooms. The 103,000 square foot terrace features a 360 degree view of the beach.

Both centers are versatile spaces built to accommodate any type of event and create personalized experiences.

Additional services for events

  • Audiovisual Equipment Rental
  • Stage Design and Construction
  • Theme and Concept Design and Production
  • Video and Photography Services
  • Digital Graphic Design
  • On-Site Advertising
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • IT and WiFi Support

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