Tourism registers surprising changes and boosts well-being

The Mexican Council of Meetings Industry (COMIR) ended three days of exchanges and conferences that took place at the San Jose del Cabo Convention Center in the XXVI National Congress of Meetings Los Cabos 2019. 

The current president, Jaime Salazar Figueroa, in an exclusive interview with Tendencia, commented “We foresee a very positive projection because we are convinced that Los Cabos will soon be the leader for the meetings industry segment thanks to the infrastructure, preparation and the warmth of the people of Baja California Sur. 

In that sense, Los Cabos has everything that is required for the meetings industry. The National Congress will show all the organizers reunited here what an amazing destination this is. And let them explore with interest in this sector.  They will understand, because they are already living the experience, and discovering the areas of opportunity. I can assure you that they are many unique differences from other places. 

To begin, fairs and exhibitions because of this incredible venue. Congresses and conventions because of the hotel capacity of 18,000 rooms, it is spectacular! as well as an international market that feels natural and, finally, the multiplier effect: 

Each time an organizer brings a conference, congress or exhibition and it is successful — coupled with the support I mentioned earlier — as a consequence, another will come. 

I can assure you, from the experience I have, that in the next five years the economic spill for Baja California Sur will be multiplied thanks to the meeting industry.” 

Attending those days at conferences reminded me of the importance of exploiting what we have in the destination. And by “exploding” I do not mean with a negative connotation, but with being able to strategically guide Los Cabos to produce international congresses that, in return, mean growth both for the private sector and for government and consequently generate sources of work. With the meeting industry, this is possible. 

One of the conferences that I liked the most was: “Why don’t women succeed in business?” Given by Marcela Guido. In it, she spoke of four substantial points for women: 

  • Understand the business strategy in which you work 
  • Contribute financially to your growth 
  • Have an influential leadership
  • Be a conflict solver 

What this means is that we do not need to be shy in asking what belongs to us. If we want a salary increase, demand it without fear, but also deliver business proposals that increase the capital of the company where you work. 

Also, she said that ” we do NOT look prettier in silence” By this, we understand that it is necessary to demand what corresponds to us. If we work well and are efficient, let’s talk about our achievements and claim the credit we deserve in terms of the authority we should have with both our co-workers and with the bosses. 

Actually, this talk motivated me to remain faithful to my principles as a professional and, more importantly, as the woman I want to be in the business field. 

On the last day, the conferences were about the cases of success: the success of Del Cabo Event Design, the success of Sabor a Cabo and, of course, the success of FITURCA for being at the forefront and promoting Los Cabos so effectively. 

Del Cabo Event Design, led by Yahwe Garcia, explained, on one hand, how he started his business and the courage he needed to “get ahead” and create it. Taking those kinds of risks, being focused and knowing yourself were some of the advice Yahwe gave. And also, knowing who you are and making a sincere analysis of what YOU want is the best strategy. 

On the other hand, Giammarco Vela, director of CANIRAC, commented that one of the successes of Sabor a Cabo is that it is a gastronomic festival that combines the four senses through food, wine, and music. This combination meant that, when they started in 2009 with 400 guests, today, they have more than 3,000 people who want to be part of the festival. 

Rodrigo Esponda, director of FITURCA, discussed the history of the Touristic Destinations promotion and the validation of the destination that gets a promotion at an international level. Although at the federal level, support is not always available since, in recent months, the Federal funds have disappeared. To this, Rodrigo reiterated what the projection represents for the destinations: “What we have to do as a destination is to continue with the promotion because we cannot stop or wait for the government to help us.” 

Undoubtedly, the conferences filled the Convention Center with expectant people and motivated attendees to find their path in the professional world, to continue fighting for the ideals they faithfully believe, and to prepare for any situation that life gives us. 

Meeting tourism is a part of our growing destination and the National Congress only showed us the value of alliances you can get as business generators. 

What is next for Los Cabos?…. 

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