First photography contest winner!

Tendencia emerges ten years ago. The main goal? To be an editorial house with information about Baja California Sur, where tourists and locals could read about the richness of the territory. 

Today Tendencia continues with the same vision and passion and has spread to other fields such as the culinary scene with Culinary Awards, the world of digital art with Tendencia Avenue, lifestyle and events with Social by Tendencia and a magazine for children with Tendencia Kids. 

Tendencia’s 10-year celebration begins with a contest, in which photographers, amateur and professional, shared their art through images that portrayed nature. In this way, the winning photograph will feature the cover of our next edition: Travesy between two seas. 

We received a total of 106 photographs from 11 different photographers. The judges sat around a large glass table at Tendencia’s boardroom. Enthusiastic and expectant to see the photos. The judges exchanged specific comments on why a photo must or not pass to the next round. 

The contestant photographers were: 

  1. Ricardo Rosales 
  2. Andrea Flores Marquez 
  3. Carlos Gajon Bermudes 
  4. Christian Giovanni 
  5. Daniela Mendoza 
  6. Fernando Garza Larracilla 
  7. Daniel Ambriz 
  8. Magdalena Torres Garay 
  9. Maybellin 
  10. Narno Casasus Serrano 
  11. Paty Navarro 

The comments varied between the resolution of the photograph, if it was taken with a smartphone or professional camera, the pixels, if it was manipulated in edition, but, most importantly, what the judges sought was the story behind the image. 

The sories behind the moment in which the image was captured, the challenge it represented for who was on the other side of the lens. That second, if the scenario had challenged him or not and what the final result told us about the moment. What the judges sought was for the photo to truly describe the marvelous journey between the two seas. 

The jury made up of five people reached a unanimous decision at the end. The winner? Christian Giovanni Nova Juarez with a photo that will take your breath away by demonstrating what we have in Baja California Surand also breaks paradigms. Wait for it on the cover of the 44 issue of Tendencia 


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