Pairing & Mixology Dinners at Solmar

In the continuous search to innovate and reinvent itself, Solmar Hotels & Resorts constantly offers experiences that add value ​​to each diner’s visit. The sharing of the chefs, sommeliers and mixologists culinary talents has managed to constantly surprise guests.

Each restaurant in the group has a defined identity and each chef works in a particular way to convey his or her vision on the menu. On this occasion, the culinary team of Hector, Jose and David from Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas share how diners can enjoy an international gastronomic trip using local flavors and local products.


“A six-course tasting menu allows you to play with the intense and representative flavors of the Pacific while harmonizing wines suggested by the sommelier. We always use seasonal ingredients. In the Los Cabos area, we have two distinct seasons, so our fixed menu can change twice a year. However, our dinner pairing menu is specially created according to the proposed wines.” Hector Lucas, Executive Chef Anica

The depth of the communication between Chef, Sommelier and Mixologist is the difference between the success of each pairing. Even with 170 labels from 12 different countries, there has been a special focus on Mexican wine. Work is currently underway to select a mixture of grapes to create two labels exclusive to the Solmar Hotels & Resorts.

“I know the different chefs from our restaurants well. I like to try their proposals first for each pairing dinner and, based on that, offer wine suggestions. Mexican offerings have definitely been one of the most awarded wines worldwide. By recommending Mexican wines we provide a new experience every time.” Jose Martinez, Sommelier

As for the mixology, various ingredients come from the hotel garden and local suppliers. The characteristic flavors in the cocktails often come from rhubarb, Buddha’s hand, yuzu, and jackfruit.


“Mixology allows you to wake up the palate and prepare it for culinary creations. We make our own syrups with damiana blossoms, orange peel, mango peel, grapefruit, lime and especially, elderflower. The challenge is to always use ingredients that are obtained that day, so you can offer a cocktail of the day every day.” David Reyes, Mixologist

A distinctive touch of mixology in each restaurant of the Solmar Hotels & Resorts, also prepared in house. They include spiced salt, mango, Jamaica and beet with damiana.

Meet the Wine Maker & the Chef is one of the next events. Winemakers from various wineries of Baja California will be present for a pairing dinner in the company of the chef. It will be a cultural and gastronomic experience!

How to make a tasting menu with perfect pairing?

The first step is the elaboration of the menu without thinking about the pairing. You must create a conductive thread that allows dinners to go from less to more to make the mixture of flavors flow, but in a unique way where the main product is respected and highlighted of the dish.

The chef’s inspiration for the creation of the menu arises spontaneously when receiving the ingredients. In both proteins and vegetables, as well as choosing the cooking method, the accompaniments and the sauces. Once the menu is designed, it passes to find the corresponding pairing.

Just as the chef, the Sommelier, must start with the elements of least intensity, the aromas and the protein with which each dish is made must be considered in order to create a harmony pairing. Thus, begin with sparkling or white wines and then move with bold reds, always looking for varietals from around the world.

Undoubtedly the main key to a pairing are the intensities of each dish, it can be paired with wine, but we can also consider tequila, beer, tea, sake, mezcal or mixology in general.

In all signature restaurants of Solmar Hotels & Resorts: La Roca, Anica and Puerto San Lucas you can enjoy a tasting menu with 6 menu dishes of your choice, which will be offered in small portions.

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