What can you expect from Sabor a Cabo Rural?

For the eighth consecutive year, Sabor a Cabo Rural returns this December 8 at the Sol de Mayo ecological ranch, located in Santiago, Baja California Sur. The event is with cause and all funds will be delivered to the Mexican System for Integral Development of the Family in Los Cabos (DIF).

Carmen Carbajal, the founding partner of Sabor a Cabo and president of Sabor a Cabo Rural, began the press conference talking about the importance of regional dishes and informed the attendees of the characteristics that make the territory of sudcalifornia so special when it comes about the gastronomy. Sabor a Cabo Rural is the sideboard that allows us to know more about the culture of the place where we live. It is an event that invites us to discover the roots of the sudcalifornia peninsula.

Therefore, Carmen, accompanied by the mayor, Armida Castro Guzmán, as well as Gustavo Laborde, president of CANIRAC Los Cabos, Giammarco Vela, president of Sabor a Cabo 2019 and Luis Alvarado and Alfonso Vazquez, also founding partners of Sabor a Cabo, signed an agreement that will be in force for the next 3 years with the support of the City Council of Los Cabos. This ensures the continued promotion and support of the identity that makes us sudcalifornians.

Also, Gabriel Fonseca, chronicler of Los Cabos and the author of the picture that portraits beautiful red pitahayas, the main image of this year’s Sabor a Cabo Rural, spoke of the 4 historical moments of the peninsula, bringing our memory back to the past:

“The first important moment happened when the peninsula, the Sierra of la Laguna and the Gulf of California were formed. Then, the human groups arrived and left us the cave paintings. Subsequently, the Pericues and natives arrived in the peninsula, as did the Jesuits. History tells us that they were the first to settle in Santiago, founded the mission and led to the ranch culture development.”

If you are interested in living a different experience, you can buy tickets at locations:

  1. Nick-San Palmilla and Cabo San Lucas from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  2. The Tourist Office of San Jose del Cabo from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm3.
  3. CATAC in Cabo San Lucas from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

At the end of the press conference held at Nick-San Palmilla, Carmen Carbajal discussed the importance of caring for the environment, asking attendees to bring their own utensils such as glasses, plates, and cutlery since Santiago is an ecological place, and part of a natural reserve.

Live a special day near the oasis with your family and friends, support regional cuisine, local produce and get to explore rural areas that are full of history

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