5 new attractions to discover in Baja California Sur

Those of us who live in Baja California Sur see how the state continues to grow and innovate with entertainment options that connect the natural environment through the senses. No matter how many years you have been on this peninsula or how many times you visit it, it will surely surprise you!

  1. Urban camping at Marea- La Paz

For modern adventurers or for those looking for a wellness retreat. Marea boutique hotel presents the proposal to camp on the shore of the Sea of ​​Cortez, in tents with air conditioning and equipped with hotel amenities for comfort. Let yourself be captivated by the sunsets and the nature of La Paz.


  1. Museo Ruta de Plata- El Triunfo

A video theater is the door to the past of this historic mining town. An enclosure that exhibits tools used for mining, precious stones, documents and vintage clothing, scale models of a ship, including the replica of a mine. Between wagon sounds and whistles, interactive screens take you to explore the flora and fauna of the region, as well as listen to oral stories and legends.

  1. El Perdido- Pescadero

Enjoy the dream of getting lost and finding yourself. A place where you can escape the routine, get inspired and reconnect with nature. Completely built to adapt to the environment, the jacales, shower, jacuzzi, and pool are open spaces for you to feel freedom. Here there are no boundaries between you and the majestic desert.

  1. Picaro, garden cuisine- Cabo San Lucas

The mischief of chef Christian Ricci is present in each of the menu proposals at the newest Picaro by Romeo & Julieta restaurant in Rancho San Lucas. Even carnivorous palates will be impressed with the preparation of salads and vegetables… dressings and ingredients that leave you thinking “what is that flavor?” Bite after bite. From a roasted cauliflower to a rib eye with sauteed mushrooms and sweet garlic. Discover the true meaning of comfort food!

  1. Viceroy Art Series- San José del Cabo

Every first Friday of the month Viceroy brings you a series of meetings with local artists in San José del Cabo, the cultural and artistic capital of the municipality. With a glass of wine in hand, each of them offers you a deeper look at their works.

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