Rosaura Rodriguez Gallery presents de work of “NONO”

Rosaura Rodríguez is passionate about photography, she has shared her talent and vision with Tendencia in our art issue where the “Dancers” and colors of Mexico made us fell in love with her work. Once again, she opens the doors to her gallery in San José del Cabo to present us the inspiring work of the artist NONO.

“To give value of a true gallery to this space, we will be inviting different artists to exhibit their work. NONO is a great friend and his work shares the colorful vision that I like to portray.” Rosaura Rodriguez

Francisco González, known as “NONO” is an artist that highlights the female figure and felines in his works.

“For me the cat is a very interesting animal because of its temperament. On the other hand, the woman is the object of art more represented in the world.”

NONO uses the mixed technique to evoke the analogous work of his career as a graphic designer, creating images in a personal way in a continuous work of up to 12 hours without rest.

“This collection is a yearning exercise that seeks to rescue past times of my career. All the pieces take a little part of me, with each one I have learned something new.”

Nono’s work presented on February 27, will be on display for fifteen days at Rosaura Rodríguez Gallery.

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