The inspiring story of Eva Schloss

Each individual has a life story and for each event there are different versions. Although we all know the history and facts related to Auschwitz, Eva Schloss, half-sister of Anna Frank, tells her story through a profound book.

On March 12, Eva captivated her audience at the Sheraton Grand during the conference “An Evening with Eva Schloss- Surviving Auschwitz”. She reminded us that each of us is going through circumstances that seem overwhelming, moments that make us wonder if we are in control. The pleasant chat with Eva is a call to believe as she says in “miracles”.

Eva Schloss, 92, travels the world remembering the terrible events and the loss of her family. Share the crucial message of rebuilding a life after suffering, spreading the message of acceptance, tolerance, unity and forgiveness, as well as the ability to discover hope within everything.

The inspiring meeting in Los Cabos was made possible by Rabbi Benny and Sonia Hersjhcovich, directors of the Cabo Jewish Center, along with Baja Kosher.

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