Global South Californian App “Los Antiguos Californios”

Without a doubt, culture is an element that envelops and shelters Mexican California. It is very pleasant to receive news about a new author or a new book whose protagonist is the history of the peninsula. In the middle of a digital world, the world’s first app on the history of the first inhabitants of Baja California is now being launched.

On September 24, the Pablo L. Martínez State Historical Archive hosted the live broadcast where the App “Los Antiguos Californios” developed by Sealtiel Enciso Pérez, higher education professor.

Tendencia joins the diffusion of such an important milestone in the history of the peninsula, in direct conversation with the creator of the app.

Sealtiel is a teacher of Elementary Education with a Bachelor’s degree in special education with a specialty in Learning Disabilities. He obtained a master’s degree in Teaching in Higher Education, a field in which he has practiced for 33 years. Throughout this time, through workshops, the teacher was trained in the development of educational software and is currently studying a virtual master’s degree in History.

“For 2 years, talking with friends I realized that today most of the people in leisure time we take the cell phone. I thought then what would be the best way to be an ally with technology to incorporate them with our educational work. My passion for history comes from a young age, and that’s where the idea of uniting both elements arose.”

Combining their passions, Sealtiel has designed this useful digital tool for those who want to learn more about the ancient inhabitants of the Baja California peninsula.

Currently there is no application for cell phone (Smartphone) or tablet that deals with this topic, due to the above, it will be the first of its kind in the world. With its creation, it is intended to support not only the general culture that the inhabitants of Sudcalifornia should have about our native settlers, but also support the issues that are dealt with in preschool, primary and secondary education.

The first app took about two years to develop. For the writing of the content, approximately 30 books were consulted, most of them written by Jesuit missionaries such as: Miguel del Barco, Miguel Venegas, Francisco Clavijero.

The continuous support of contemporary authors and historians, including Harumi Fujita, Eligio Moisés Coronado, Rosamaría Mendoza Salgado, Leonardo Reyes Silva and Carlos Lazcano Sagún, were key to advising the creator at all times.

“This valuable tool arises with the main purpose of forming and propping up the feeling of identity that all South Californians should have. Nobody loves what they don’t know. To be proud of the ancient Californios we must know their history.”

The Los Antiguos Californios app is compatible with mobile devices and tablets with IOS and Android systems, it can be downloaded for free through the portal:

Among the information that can be consulted are:

  • Bibliographic reference texts
  • Physiognomy
  • Clothing
  • Foods
  • Objects and Utensils

“Through the veins of the native Californios runs the blood of their ancestors. We owe them the passion and strength with which they managed to dominate the desert and live thousands of years in a harmonious way with the environment. If we manage to transmit that feeling, we will contribute to the development of our homeland!” Commented Selatiel

Finally, the teacher shared that in upcoming weeks a fundraising campaign will be carried out to allow the hosting of 10 apps on the App Store and Play Store

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