Why do we love Baja California Sur?

Our heart beats along with the rest of Mexico, but at a different rate. The only way to understand this is to live here.

Fernando Jordan named it the other Mexico. Jacques-Yves Cousteau defined it as the aquarium of the world. Authors who have written about this peninsula have been unable to maintain their objectivity and have succumbed to the magic of the people and the simplicity of a life without attachments. At the same time, they have held the peninsula in the highest esteem.

Discover how this part of Mexico has maintained its mysticism despite constant attention. As you do, will you succumb to the magic in an oasis, the islands, the sea, or the desert? You can actively discover Baja California Sur, or simply let yourself be captivated by the wellness it provides. Either way, it can become a personal pleasure.

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Edición 48 - Wellness
Edición 48 - Wellnesshttp://localhost/tendencia
Descubre qué tiene esta parte de México que ha mantenido su misticismo a pesar de ser un lugar con dinamismo constante. ¿Será la magia de los oasis, de las islas, del mar, o del desierto? Descifra Baja California Sur o solo déjate cautivar por el bienestar que proporciona.


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