Los Cabos, a destination that’s always ready to welcome you.

Feeling safe in our daily life is very important but our safety it is even more important when we travel or simply decide to leave home. The decision to spend a few days or hours outside and to enjoy moments of relaxation, entertainment, exercise or pleasure, requires that we know the risks and that we trust that authorities will protect us and the establishments we frequent can handle any eventuality.

After several decades of experience, the three levels of our government, along with significant support from the private sector and constant reinforcement of security policies, have proven to have the capacity to face weather eventualities.

This year, we have been plagued by a worldwide pandemic and our state is no exception. Like a hurricane, COVID-19 gave us very little time to prepare and has forced us to respond creatively, optimistically and purposefully to remain the best luxury destination in our country. After several months of confinement, we are prepared and ready to welcome back eager tourists with a warm smile.

The World Travel and Tourism Council WTTC has awarded Baja California Sur the “Safe Travelers” seal in recognition of the implementation of protocols in both the public and private sectors and involving all companies related to tourism. Although contagion-free areas cannot be guaranteed, the intention of this recognition is to make us feel secure and to know that all the establishments are working together to offer us adequate protocols and safe spaces. For its part, the federal government also launched a certification program called Punto Limpio for hygiene and sanitation measures affecting micro, small and medium-sized companies that provide direct customer service.

If you are planning to visit Los Cabos, La Paz, Loreto or any other destination in our state, you can trust that we are working hard to see that you are safe and you can enjoy our destinations as you always have.

Look for the safety certifications and ask establishments you visit about their internal policies. International companies with a presence in Los Cabos such as Am-Resorts, Hyatt, Marriot and Riu have publicly launched contingency programs and are adapting all their policies and facilities to provide the greatest possible security. Many companies are acting independently while others, such as Hilton, have partnered with the Mayo Clinic and Reckitt Benchiser Group, the manufacturer of Lysol and other cleaning products. They have introduced a set of protocols for the 6,100 Hilton properties, including Hampton Inn & Suites and the Waldorf Astoria of Los Cabos.

In addition to the sanitation and personal safety measures we must follow, gathering spaces are also being transformed to provide us with a lower risk of contagion. To reduce the capacity in the lobbies, virtual registration options will be implemented and service tables with the necessary supplies for a safe stay will be provided at entrances.

In public areas, including restaurants and bars, you will see less furniture and wider corridors allowing for greater distance between guests. It will be very important to follow the rules and respect the distance between guests in hotels or any other establishment.

Another measure has been to promote à la carte food services and dishes prepared at the moment in all restaurants. The goal is to have greater control of the production line and buffets. Open food areas will be covered, and visitor hygiene will be reinforced, including the use of masks and antibacterial gloves or gel.

Even the open and recreational spaces must maintain the rules of social distancing. Both the pool lounge chairs, and the beach lounges must be separated between groups of guests.

Pandemics that have plagued humanity have been recorded as far back as 1,200 BC. In just the first 20 years of the 21st century, seven have been recorded with a mortality rate ranging from 500 cases from the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in 2012 to more than 575,000 in 2009 from influenza A H1N1. Every infection leaves us with a lesson and, as a society, we work hard to be prepared for the next eventuality. By working together, and with a positive attitude, we can overcome any challenge.

If we follow the instructions of international organizations, we will return to our normal life and be able to do what we enjoy most: go out. In Los Cabos and Baja California Sur, we are ready to welcome you.

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