Unexplored Countryside Treasures

The four delegations and the municipal seat of Los Cabos form a type of perfect ecosystem with an oasis in the middle of the desert, a beach with waves on the Pacific coast and crystal-clear waters on the Sea of Cortez side. That is why a municipality as vast as Los Cabos must be your first choice when creating an itinerary that includes adventure.

  • The municipal seat is San Jose del Cabo, where there is an estuary that connects directly with the sea and anecdotes from years ago such as the arrival of the Nao de China. In the Historic Center area, there are excellent restaurants, bars, and art galleries.

Sub-delegations: Santa Anita and Animas Bajas

  • The Cabo San Lucas delegation has the iconic Arch that has made Los Cabos the most notable tourist attraction in Mexico. It was also the first place on the peninsula known as California. This traditional fishing village offers sport fishing among its main attractions.

Sub-delegations: Migriño and La Candelaria

  • The Miraflores delegation has preserved the traditional trades such as saddlery, carpentry, and its atavistic recipe for “pan bache.” Try the machaca burritos at El Nidito restaurant and take a photo next to the first monument to the mother in Mexico.


Sub-delegations: Los Frailes, Boca de la Sierra, Caduaño, Las Casitas and El Ranchito

  • The Santiago delegation was founded 300 years ago and is the oldest in the municipality. It has an oasis, desert, and beach, as well as enduring trades such as saddlery, the production of machaca and canned sweets. More than eight types of mango are grown and exported from here.


Sub-delegations: Buenavista, San Dionisio, San Jorge, Santa Rita, Agua Caliente, Las Cuevas, El Campamento and Sol de Mayo

  • The delegation of La Ribera is surrounded by water. Here you will find the protected natural area of Cabo Pulmo, home to the largest coral reef in the Gulf of California. The best season for diving is from June to November.

Sub-delegations: Cabo Pulmo, Santa Cruz and La Capilla

What are you waiting for? Los Cabos is at your feet so you learn the identity of each delegation and those remote places that you may not have known existed. It is always a good time to pack your bags and see the colors offered by the municipality that has it all.

Our recommendation: Visit the service providers and the people of each locality. By tradition, they are incredible hosts.

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