Haute Galleria

Furniture manufacturing, interior design, art, decorations, lighting, and international brands.

The new location of Haute Galleria in Plaza Meridiano 111, Colonia El Medano, right in the center of Cabo San Lucas, promises to have everything you are looking for when decorating.

Here you will find the option of manufacturing custom and made-to-measure furniture built with the highest quality standards. You will also find internationally recognized brands such as Camerich, Desir茅e, Janis et Cie, Uttermost, and more.

  1. Jazz, what novelties will we find in the new Haute Galleria location?

The essence of Haute Galleria remains the same.

We opened a new space called “The Warehouse” where you will find a whole new collection dedicated to those who want to decorate their rental properties at a more accessible price, but with the quality and style that have always distinguished us.

Offered here are parts of large projects as well as demos of new designs. It鈥檚 an opportunity to take home a piece of Haute at an unbeatable price.

We are delighted and proud to announce our upcoming art collaboration with the multidisciplinary artist, Yandi Monardo, a collection of art inspired by Haute.

  1. What was the goal of opening Haute Galleria in Los Cabos?

I felt the need to open something unique, with a style different from what was always found in the city, a place that would bring everything together to create your ideal space. I always keep in mind that interior design should not impose a style, but rather capture and reflect the identity of each person.

  1. Why have you chosen to dedicate yourself to interior design?

As a businesswoman, and after several years of working in my father’s companies and moving to Los Cabos, I felt the need to create something that would represent me, a company where I could express everything that I am passionate about.

I am not a designer. I earned a degree in Communications with a minor in film and television production in Madrid, Spain. I feel that this gives me the ability to see design and spaces from a different point of view.

A location gets implanted in our memories with an image, like a photograph, so what each as space wants to communicate is important, including the lighting, the way in which the elements are distributed, such as aromas, colors, and that feeling of comfort and warmth.

I like to get into your head and work with you to conceptualize your spaces and translate the message you want to express. Perception is the first step towards memory. It is necessary to first perceive what you want in order to create cozy and unforgettable spaces.

  1. What are the design trends for 2021?

Mainly, the trends highlight the need to create a feeling of well-being in our homes. Comfort is an essential part expressed in neutral tones, beige and gray. Wood will take center stage in natural, black and white tones.

In 2021, we will look for warm interiors without abandoning key pieces such as metallic accents and the unique furniture that so distinguishes Haute Galleria.

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