A luxurious culinary experience captured through simplicity and creativity at Nobu Los Cabos

We begin our gastronomic tour with Malibu Farm, an iconic Californian restaurant, led by Chef Helene Henderson, that focuses on contemporary presentations of organic ingredients.

Nobu Los Cabos is aware of the environment and the fundamental need to take care of it. That’s why Malibu Farm is included in the hotel’s dining options. The menu contains healthy choices based on sustainability practices such as operations that minimize environmental pollution.

Malibu Farm encourages the consumption of local products such as organic chicken and the catch of the day. Both support the economic well-being of the community. The simple preparation of the dishes makes it possible for the natural flavors of each ingredient to stand out.

The architecture, both in Malibu Farm and Nobu Los Cabos, is minimalist in style, with light tones and large windows that invite you to focus all your senses on what is happening at the moment and appreciate the surrounding nature.

Nobu Restaurant

With a fascinating view of the Pacific Ocean, Nobu creates an immersive environment with glass interiors that allow you to enjoy breathtaking views of the sunsets every day of the year. A connection is created with the seductive waves and the salty air, both of which accentuate the renowned cuisine of Chef Nobu.

What’s most outstanding about the cuisine is the fusion of ingredients and flavors created by the chef, something he learned while living in Peru for a few years. He couldn’t find many of the ingredients that he took for granted in Japan and had to improvise. It was here that he developed his unique style of cooking which incorporates Peruvian ingredients into Japanese dishes.


The new restaurant opened at the end of February. Executive Chef Paolo Della Corte has created a dining experience that is both modern and traditional. Ardea features a contemporary, cozy and interesting atmosphere both in its decor and DJ music. The Italian-style menu inspired by the chef’s roots includes a selection of wood-fired pizzas and prime cuts of meat, artisanal pasta, charcuterie, a wide variety of cheeses, and options for vegans and seafood lovers.

To accompany the menu with a perfect pairing, the wine list features labels from a number of wineries. And let’s not forget the innovative mixology! On top of that, there’s a Sports Bar to enjoy before or after dinner with craft beers, cocktails and snacks.

Pacific Restaurant

This is traditional Mexican food presented in an innovative way. The menu presents timeless favorites, such as tacos and tostadas, as well as international offerings and dishes fused with ingredients from other regions of the country. All this is combined with an excellent choice of wines, tequila and, of course, a great mezcal.

At Nobu Los Cabos, culinary art is a pillar of hospitality.

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