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Incredibly, we are already in the summer issue of 2021. Time seems to pass with an impressive fluidity. Despite the confinement, the pandemic, the forced slowdown of our lives and the economy, the days continue to go by.

One recurring activity during these days has been the rethinking of the future, the acceptance and understanding of a different and imminent course in our activities. Because, if one thing is certain, change is the only constant in our lives.

The daily need to get out of confinement, to reconnect with friends, family and activities, with a renewed and reinvented attitude is felt more deeply.

The above reminds me of a movement founded in the eighties by Carlo Petrini called “slow food.” The purpose was to defend regional traditions, good food, gastronomic pleasures and, in general, the advantages obtained from a slow and organized rhythm of life.

It is well known, because we have read and heard it everywhere, that one of the sectors most affected by this pandemic is services and, obviously, tourism is a perfect example. It is perhaps where we will see more changes that will benefit us all, since it is intended to reinforce the experience of traveling, more than the simple fact of showing up in different places. In other words, being able to appreciate something with all the senses tends to become the reason for promoting a particular destination, looking for longer stays in outdoor spaces with satellite alternatives instead of visiting a multitude of places over a short period of time. It will be a kind of “slow travel” applied to various activities, where the feeling of escape will start from the careful planning of the details.

Little by little, a post-vaccine world is beginning to emerge, and with it a greater respect and care for the environment. It will not be easy or fast, but the time it takes to mature will be the time that the sector has to rethink each of the different options. The impact on climate change is imperative, as well as increased awareness for a better planet, for the use of clean energy, recycling and the reuse of materials will be part of the decision factors in the selection of destinations when preparing for a trip.

It seems to me that a very important percentage of the tourism market that will develop in the coming years will be oriented towards smaller groups, family or friends, with a focus on common activities, such as gastronomy, boardwalks, sports or leisure activities. Entertainment and walking the environments will enrich our knowledge and improve adventures.

Appreciating nature in its purest state is already a differential factor in various national and international destinations.

Today’s traveler spends time investigating the destination where he or she will travel. There will be a greater desire to invest as a second home or timeshare in destinations that have infrastructure and security as fundamental elements.

Right now, it is difficult to imagine a museum with rooms full of people or large groups in long lines closely observing a work of art. It is also unlikely that in the short term, concerts or gathering places will be authorized to allow large concentrations of people. Of course, that makes us think about what the vision of tourism will be in the short term.

Traveling is a human necessity but tourism isn’t necessarily an activity that requires large amounts of money. Rather, it is an activity of imagination, will and organizational capacity.

Baja California Sur, like other states and places in Mexico and the world, is favored because of the urban remoteness, rural and isolated development, and the benefits of the climate and environmental purity, air quality and tourist services.

Summer is a great time to plan your next visit!

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Edición 52 - Summer Insider 2021
Edición 52 - Summer Insider 2021
El verano lo asociamos con diversión, sol y días largos y calurosos que reponen nuestra vitamina D. ¿Y por qué no?, hasta deportes extremos. Todo esto lo puedes vivir al explorar Baja California Sur.


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