The Interview: Sonia Falcone

In addition to being president of the AMA Saving the Oceans Association, Sonia Falcone is an artist who has transferred her skills from the canvas to fashion shows.

Beyond a creative spirit, Sonia radiates a philanthropic personality. From the moment she first traveled to Baja California Sur, the family atmosphere and natural charm of this warm land stole her heart.

“When you arrive in Baja California Sur, it seems like a very empty desert. Later, when I began to discover all this biodiversity, I understood there was an incomparable wealth that we had to take care of.”

Sonia has recently begun to explore a new dream, diving into the fashion industry. As a result of the confinement, she decided to focus her creativity on designing her own outfits.


“I went back home and started designing some garments. Every day I would go to the fabric store and buy buttons, zippers, accessories, everything I could find! It was a lot of work because this was the first time, I did this in my life. It suddenly became so fantastic that I loved it.”

Miraflores, her recent collection, is inspired by her love for Mexico and the culture full of flavors, textures, scents, and traditions. A visit to the Miraflores delegation in Los Cabos, where she found a field of colorful flowers in a natural garden, became the name of her new collection.

“When I named the Miraflores collection, I wanted to share the experience I had with the nature God created that is within our reach and that we often ignore but must protect.”

The creative mind of this artist is constantly thinking of new ideas, challenging herself day after day to improve and balance her professional and personal life, while always preserving the will to help others.


“I would like my children to work and be successful, to develop through activities they love to do. I would love for them to continue this legacy and give back to the community a little bit of everything it has given us; to help those in need as well as the ecology.”

Baja California Sur has become a powerful inspiration for Sonia who, like many other artists, has made the peninsula her muse on several occasions.

Through AMA Saving the Oceans and AMA Design by Sonia Falcone, the artist continues to work hard to contribute to different areas of the community, especially the Down Syndrome population in Los Cabos. Her wish is to contribute a space where people with Down Syndrome can develop their abilities through art, education, and love.

AMA alludes to the verb “to love” (in Spanish). The actual definition is Amigos de las Aguas y los Mares (Friends of the Waters and the Seas). In addition to contributing to the conservation of the oceans, AMA works to promote cultural aspects and the talent of the artists.

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