What can Yoga do for me during these uncertain times? 

Media and social networks are constantly selling us the “ideal” person. We should be athletes, have the perfect body or we should be isolating ourselves in the Himalayas; totally understandable considering the confusion that exists.

A lot of people don’t understand Yoga so they reject it. There is no need to become a human pretzel or croissant, and you can forget about extravagant IG poses. Yoga’s forgotten secret is giving breath its primordial place.  Find a good teacher, one that cares genuinely for your health, one that adapts the practice to your needs, a practice that intimately connects you with your body. A practice that soothes your mind and makes YOU available for Yourself and for the World. Just a few minutes a day, in a non-obsessive practice, crafted according to age, health, and spiritual beliefs, or the lack of them, is OK too. Breathing heals and equalizes you emotionally and supports a better inner balance that allows us face the different life situations we all experience, including frustration, anger and anxiety.

My teacher, Mark Withwell*, Krishnamacharya’s lineage, says, “Asana (poses) y pranayama (breathing) are the right way to participate and to connect with the creative force that we share with the whole of existence, the Power of the Cosmos.  Meditation is a natural benefit of the practice”.

Compassion and balance can lead to a better world for our children, and better children for the world,

Yoga, the yoga you need, along with appropriate nutrition, leads to the improvement of the immune system and relaxes you. Stay tuned.

*Author of The Prommise and Yoga of the Heart | editor, and co-author of The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice | www.heartogyoga.com

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