Tenth Anniversary of the Los Cabos International Film Festival

Over the past 10 years, the Los Cabos International Film Festival has opened new doors beyond tourism through the seventh art. Generations have grown up hand in hand with emotions and sensations that transcend the screen.

“We are happy to celebrate an anniversary in which so many people have joined us. We feel grateful to have different work teams, sponsors and institutions as allies and who have supported us year after year,” said Alejandra Paul铆n, executive director of the Los Cabos International Film Festival.

The passion and love of the directors and the public has been the key to overcoming any adversity. It has made it possible for the festival to evolve over the years, reinventing itself.


“We have a team that has put its heart into it. That maintains a fresh outlook and keeps fresh eyes on everything, with very fresh contributions,” commented Maru Garz贸n, artistic director of the Los Cabos International Film Festival.

There was a positive response to the digital format of the Los Cabos International Film Festival last year. The festival had a presence almost everywhere in the world. The 2021 edition, if conditions permit, is expected to adopt a hybrid format, as it seems that digital is here to stay.

This event is one of the most anticipated in Los Cabos every year. It allows people to experience this means of expression beyond the billboards by providing meetings with celebrities, directors and moviegoers that spread the excitement of being part of the Los Cabos International Film Festival.


Francisco Westendarp, industry activities director of the Los Cabos International Film Festival.

The film industry has changed over the last decade, as has the world. Today, the medium has become an important resource for capturing our reality. The Los Cabos International Film Festival has been no exception. From the beginning, the festival has sought to support Mexican projects through the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund.

“The structure of the fund focuses on projects that are beginning or are in the developmental stage or those that are looking for financing, script, or to move on to the production stage. Some finished projects also participate, those that have yet to finish post-production,” Francisco shared with us.

The evaluation process has been modified and perfected over time. A level of trust has been established between the fund and the Los Cabos International Film Festival for evaluating the productions received during the call period, which usually amounts to more than 100 films per year.

The fund helps to direct films to the eyes of the movie-goers and, at the same time, give the creators added value for their projects, as well as the opportunity to share their talent with the public and provide another look at their stories on the big screen.

Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund

How does the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund support productions?

It offers creators and producers the opportunity to develop their projects through the design of specific spaces and activities for each of their needs.

What projects can participate?

Feature films and television series, as well as films in the editing process or in post-production (fiction or documentary).

Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund Categories

  • Film in Development: feature film projects produced or co-produced by Mexico with any other country in the world. Projects must indicate the category in which they are participating:
  • Projects for the director’s first or second feature film.
  • Projects for directors with more than two films released.
  • Work in Progress: feature films produced or co-produced by Mexico in the editing or post-production stage.

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