A cup of coffee by the sea

Technology has allowed us to shorten physical and digital distances, it has given us the possibility of having the whole world right in the palm of our hands and it has connected us through what is known as globalization. Many of the day-to-day problems of the past can now be solved in a matter of seconds, regardless of business hours, timetables, or languages; we can work and study from home, receive our groceries at the door and have remote medical consultations through a screen; we live in a world that not even the best science fiction books could describe.

Despite all the advances and shortcuts that we have now, instead of relaxing and giving ourselves more time for the activities that we enjoy the most, our peace of mind seems to fade right under our noses. With each application that is created to solve a futility, one more problem arises out of nowhere that we must solve, making our lives complicated in eternal nonsense that robs us of all our energy.

When was the last time we enjoyed a coffee just for its aroma or taste? Without having to upload a photo to Instagram, without worrying about rating an establishment, without running from the cafeteria to our work because we were late, without trying to solve our entire day in a sip that rather than offering some enjoyment, destroyed our palate and our tongue.

When was the last time we enjoyed walking down the street and allowed ourselves to see what was going on around us? We live exhausted thinking about everything we must do, everything that others expect of us, and we have lost all trace of individuality and self-determination to be able to have at least one daily activity that we really enjoy or that at least we will really remember. Do we remember what we did in the shower today?

Living in this idyllic paradise or at least vacationing for a couple of days in Los Cabos, let’s try living a moment of our lives without external stimuli, no matter what. Let’s try to enjoy that coffee that we like so much at sunrise in front of the sea, sitting on the beach, with the cell phone off, trying to really remember the aroma of coffee and appreciate the world that is in front of us. Let’s enjoy that moment, thinking that there is nothing else that can distract or stress us. Once the cup is empty and we return to our daily lives, let us remember this moment all day and close our eyes every time something robs us of our peace of mind and think about how that moment completely changed our day.

Each of us has our favorite activities and you do not necessarily have to share my taste for coffee, the important thing is to fill our daily activities with quality and reduce the feeling of productivity that overwhelms us. We can find a quiet place at the marina to enjoy a glass of wine during sunset while we watch the boats coming back, we can make a reservation on a restaurant to spend a night in front of the sea with the people we love, testing all our senses to enjoy a moment of tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle. We can book a massage and enjoy pampering ourselves, leaving all the activities that overwhelm us for a moment.

In this season, I invite you to relax and relearn to live with ourselves, to enjoy our own company and to remember all those activities that we really enjoy.

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