La Ribera: Perennial South Californian Community

La Ribera is situated at the mouth of the Gulf of California (also known as the Sea of Cortés) and is only 50 minutes north of Los Cabos. It is home to fishermen, ranchers and farmers. It was founded in the 19th century, on October 18, 1869. As the population took root in the town, they built places with tree forks, reeds and palm roofs. (Reed is a common name for several tall, grass-like plants of wetlands.)

It is said that Mr. Antonio García and Mrs. Rosario Gastelum, who came from San José del Cabo, as well as Mr. Cipriano Cota, Ramón Lucero and Jacoba Castro, who came from the ranch “Boca del Álamo”, were some of the first formal families of La Ribera.

In those days they cooked on stoves stoked with firewood, in clay pots made in the same community, they cooked machaca de pescado, rice and sweet potatoes. The clothing of the men was denim pants and khaki shirt with a huarache made of rim and cowhide, the women wore skirts down to their feet with large socks and long-sleeved blouses, cowhide huarache and long braids in their hair adorned with cloth ribbons.

La Ribera is part of what is known today as: “Cabo del Este” (East Cape):

  • To the north: is the community of La Capilla, at kilometer 100 of the transpeninsular highway.
  • To the east: Bahía de los Frailes.
  • To the south: Cerro del Cajoncito.
  • To the west: starting in a straight line heading north 8,700 meters approximately until reaching the ranch La Chuparrosa, continuing from this point starting in a straight line towards kilometre 100 of the Benito Juárez Highway.

The town has a kindergarten, elementary school, telesecundaria (secondary education on television aimed at students who live in rural or inaccessible areas), sports unit, health clinic, health clinic, delegate building, public square, police headquarters, house of culture (museum), and is its ejidal (communal land) agrarian nucleus. Currently, its primary source of employment is thanks to tourism and agriculture.

Very close to La Ribera is Cabo Pulmo, considered a protected area for being the only living coral reef.

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