The Story Behind the Cover

The best and most durable works of art are created when rust red, sulphur yellow, or silver grey are applied to the landscape of the peninsula. The use of light and its sensory complexity stimulates all explorers who dare to walk through it.

The colours and shadows that emerge with the first rays of light are overwhelming, even from an artist’s perspective. The spectrum of colours is impressive. It’s dawn, the road is quiet, and my colleagues and I are excited to get to all the destinations on our itinerary for this trip.

As we make our way through the barren countryside, past rocks, sand, ruts, luminous skies, and history, every turn is laced with beauty and enchantment. People welcome us with a warm trusting spirit and enthusiasm.

As we continue to have fun, let’s respectfully rediscover this peninsula’s treasures.

Taking the perfect shot for the cover photograph was a physical and mental challenge. Beyond question, it entailed great effort. To reach the top of the sierra to view the Basaltic prisms, you must maintain an open mind and be prepared to confront the different challenges that the natural setting of Baja California Sur throws at you.

Since the sun sets more quickly in the mountains, I knew I had to take advantage of the light as much as possible. Given that the days are typically shorter in winter, the weather was undoubtedly one of the difficulties.

We all took a deep breath when we finally arrived at the top, and I was focused and determined to capture nature’s wonders.

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