The versatility of Los Cabos made no exceptions this 2022. The film “When You Are Gone,” which Rafael Altamira Carbajal won an award for, was screened at a magnificent film night at the Esperanza Auberge Resort Hotel. Rafael Altamira Carbajal is the subject of a fantastic interview that we are showcasing in this edition.

Obtain a review of the third annual Culinary Awards, which witnessed record numbers of restaurant entries, award categories, and public voting. While we’re talking about records, the 42nd edition of the wildly popular Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament included 219 boats competing for a share of a prize purse worth over 11 million dollars.

We also recognize and applaud the philanthropic efforts of organizations like the Letty Coppel Foundation, the Rotary Club, the Boys and Girls Club of Baja California Sur, Corazon de Nio, and Amigos de los Nios de Cabo San Lucas, to name a few.

And, of course, we discuss the latest Tendencia adventure in the mysterious municipality of Comond煤. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to travel there by land, air, or sea. The region’s incredible variety of beautiful scenery, including its multicoloured mountainous terrain, is unique and differs within each of the communities that comprise it. It is, therefore, the lead article.

It was a long voyage that spanned an area of just over 12,500 square kilometres, beginning in the breathtaking beaches of San Juanico, which are home to one of the world’s largest waves and are, unsurprisingly, a surfing haven. It is a folklore village with unusual growth and a somewhat bohemian vibe. San Juanico is a paradise for retirees and is conducive to peaceful but adventurous activities.

A visit to La Pursima, an ejido with a land area of almost 5,000 square kilometres and renowned for the Cerro El Pil贸n, was on the schedule. It has hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty. Photography enthusiasts are challenged and intrigued by the juxtaposition between the oases’ bodies of water and the peninsula’s desert-like terrain.

Despite being a small region, Puerto Adolfo L贸pez Mateos is the most significant commercial and tourist port in Comond煤. It is a sanctuary for grey whales where you can have very close contact and even pet these majestic creatures. It’s an indescribable feeling!

Only three kilometres separate San Jos茅 de Comond and San Miguel de Comond, where a visit to the cave paintings and basaltic prisms with breathtaking geometrical shapes and designs is a must.

It wasn’t all nature and history excursions. The Rancho Aprisco de la Toba was also visited. They arranged a sampling of goat cheeses which was presented by several Medina family members, Adolfo Ram铆rez Le贸n, and food engineer Fernando G贸mez Monterde, as part of this livestock and agriculture project. They come highly recommended. and are an absolute must!

Truly, it’s a journey you’ll want to plan, experience and cherish for many years.

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