A Note from the Editor Spring Diaries 2023

Going from one sea to another is quite an adventure in the Baja California Sur peninsula. In only a few hours, you can leave the Gulf of California, facing towns around Santa Rosalia, including San Jose de Magdalena; then travel to Laguna San Ignacio on the Pacific Ocean coast.

Traveling through Mexican California presents a fascinating perspective. Above all, there is the human component. The genuine warmth and hospitality of the people we met along our journey made us want to return sooner than later.

On this occasion, our friend Indira López, a native of San José de Magdalena, accompanied us. In addition to being our guide, she was encouraged to wear some of the creations she would later present at Milan Fashion Week 2023.

Additionally, Gabriel Fonseca made time to travel after receiving several invites. Finally, the journey was enhanced by Indira’s family and Gabriel, thanks to their anecdotes, knowledge, insights, and incredible dispositions.

Ultimately, we realized that we unintentionally crossed all the municipalities this time. Thanks to our friend Francisco Burgoin who guided us along The Royal Road from Laguna San Ignacio to San Juanico, a hidden treasure, it was not in our original route. This led us to Salina El Cuarenta and turned out to be the story behind the cover.

When you listen to the inner adventurer in all of us, that happens!

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