The Interview: Juan Antonio Carbajal Figueroa

The Cabo San Lucas Fire Department Commander, Juan Antonio Carbajal Figueroa, is an exemplary philanthropist and a great source of motivation for those around him. With his unwavering passion for continuing education and involvement in various security institutions, he sets an example of excellence and inspires others.

He was only seven years old when he witnessed the firefighters who came to their rescue after a terrible car accident in which he was accompanying his father. At that moment, his admiration for the profession was born, and he felt, for the first time, the call to his current vocation.

Due to his young age, Juan Antonio, better known in Los Cabos as Commander Carbajal, had to wait until he became an adult to join the Fire Department at 19. He performed all the functions involved in the work dynamics, from unit maintenance to professional training.

As part of his career, he studied at Universidad UNIVER Los Cabos (now Universidad del Golfo de California). He completed a law degree to manage the legal aspects of the institution he leads effectively.

“Unity is one of the most outstanding strengths in Los Cabos. This has allowed us to generate solid work plans and a performance that has been recognized inside and outside the country”.

Commander Carbajal is a vital source of motivation for the Cabo San Lucas Fire and Rescue Department members, as well as a crucial component in training both public and private industries on safety-related issues. Throughout his career, he has always emphasized the importance of dreaming big and making that dream a reality.

“Generating a culture of prevention will allow us to move towards a state of community safety and awareness that benefits us all. The culture of prevention must permeate the family”.

He firmly believes that family values have been responsible for forging respect and admiration for this noble work of social commitment when defining the success of firefighters.

“On a personal level, my family inspires me. On a professional level, my love for my profession motivates me to contribute with passion and commitment to be part of a better future, seeking to positively impact the people around me.”

His commitment to being a factor of change in childhood has led him to promote multiple activities focused on social service: aquatic and mountain rescue, health, first aid and even a war band. The workshops are held every Saturday and are affiliated with the Ministry of Public Education. Education has taken a step further with the Professional Firefighter Course, which teaches technical knowledge in a school-based system.

“Instituting an autonomous, independent and resilient society is fundamental to the development of our country. Every contribution counts, young people are the promise of tomorrow.”

He wrote several works, including “Odile: The Night of the White T-shirts”. He is also working on a book about leadership, a topic he is passionate about and excels at. His charisma and infectious enthusiasm have led him to build great friendships with others.

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