Del Cabo Events: A Beacon of Altruism in Los Cabos

Del Cabo Events is located in the heart of San Jose del Cabo. This remarkable company distinguishes itself not only for its excellence in producing and designing events but also for its generous heart and selfless commitment to the community. Del Cabo Events has celebrated corporate success in 2023. This remarkable company has weaved a narrative of a flourishing business intertwined with social responsibility to express gratitude towards the community and city that has been its home for nearly two decades.

A Tangible Commitment to Health

In light of recent events, Del Cabo Events has taken a bold step forward in intensifying its support for organizations that significantly impact community health. It recognizes that health is of utmost importance and aims to inspire others to join in its commitment towards this noble cause. This support is made possible by event sponsorships from various entities. These include the Los Cabos Children Foundation, which has improved the health of over 11,000 children, and Mobilize Mankind, which provides mobility tools to children with physical challenges. These supports were extended to Smile Train, Ayudando a Mamá and the Red Cross.

Education as an Agent of Change

With the conviction that education has the power to bring about positive change in society, Del Cabo Events has partnered with various charity galas. The objective is to support critical institutions such as “Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas A.C.”, “Liga Mac”, and the “Club de Niños y Niñas de Baja California Sur”. These organizations are dedicated to empowering the educational development of children and families in vulnerable situations. We are proud to contribute towards their noble cause. The company has also been a constant ally of the Letty Coppel Foundation, an association that supports sustainable development, culture and knowledge.

Inclusion, Respect and Ecological Awareness

Del Cabo Events goes beyond sponsorships, encouraging the active participation of its employees in causes that enrich the social fabric. This year, they joined in releasing sea turtles, emphasizing the importance of ecological awareness. They actively participated in the Los Cabos Pride parade to promote a more open and inclusive society.

An Unbreakable Bond with the Community

The participation in the “San Jose Clean Up” initiative and the donation of computer equipment to the “Boys and Girls Club of Baja California Sur” illustrate Del Cabo Events’ genuine desire to generate actions and activities that positively impact society. At the end of the year, the company sponsored 100 children from A.C. “Soñar Despierto” to become their “Secret Santa”, bringing joy and hope at Christmas.

CEO Yahwe Garcia Shares His Vision

Yahwe Garcia, CEO of Del Cabo Events, sums up this journey with words that resonate with strength and emotion: “Returning to the community of Los Cabos, which has welcomed us so warmly since our inception, is a source of immense satisfaction. Every action we take to help others is a reflection of our gratitude to this generous land. In every event, in every smile we manage to draw, we find the true essence of our success.”

Del Cabo Events goes above and beyond by leading altruism and setting an inspiring standard for its employees and community. Their legacy of giving back is truly remarkable.

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