The “Raíces Vivas” Artisan and Organic Center reopens in Loreto.

Yesterday, the “Raíces Vivas” Artisan Center in the community of San Javier reopened, allowing all ranches to bring their products. Each ranch will now have a dedicated market space thanks to an investment from X City Hall, led by Paola Cota Davis.

During the inauguration ceremony, the mayor was accompanied by several officials from her cabinet. These officials included Adrián Davis Davis, Secretary of Tourism; Marlen Alvarado Davis, General Secretary; Alan Drew, Secretary of Development; Ezequiel Romero, Subdelegate of San Javier; María Trinidad Castro Romero, President of the San Javier Artisan Market, and council members.

The Artisan and Organic Center “Raíces Vivas” was closed for over three years due to various circumstances. However, the government aimed to reopen it to allow the San Javier inhabitants and surrounding areas to market their handicrafts and products.

The mayor recognized that the combination of nature and culture in rural areas presents an economic opportunity. She also delivered twelve tents, benefiting more than twelve families in San Javier. The area’s natural resources and cultural characteristics give it its unique identity as an excellent tourist attraction.

“We collaborate closely with rural communities and sectors to address core issues that directly impact our municipality’s progress.”. Commented Paola Cota Davis, Mayor of Loreto.

The Mayor of Loreto expressed gratitude towards Adrián Davis, the Secretary of Tourism and Economy for the Loreto City Council, and Councilwoman Anahí for their dedicated efforts in making rural tourism a reality in the Loreto area. The Mayor acknowledged that rural tourism could potentially drive economic development in Loreto. This initiative supports the local community by generating economic benefits through regional, national, and international tourism to the destination.

Come and explore the beauty of the San Javier community and treat yourself to the delightful flavours of the delicious regional products!

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