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Cristina Ortiz Manzo

Soul by no less than a god confined / veins that such a blazing fire have fueled, / marrow to its glorious flames consigned: / the body will abandon, not its woes; / will soon be ash, but ash that is aware; / dust will be, but dust whose love still grows. Francisco de Quevedo
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Del Cabo Event Design

Veronica Tancredi “My family has been the greatest source of inspiration for this project. My parent’s terrace is full of flowers. Even though they have never studied gardening and are not experts, they have kept a giant orchid alive for 15 years. Since childhood, my mother encouraged my creativity and love of nature.” Veronica Tancredi
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Guest Destination: Playa Cerritos

Many publications have declared Playa Cerritos as the preferred place to surf in Baja California Sur. What a magical place! Despite being a small community, Playa Cerritos has all the services necessary for a Californian vacation. From here, you can go up to La Sierra de la Laguna, visit the restaurants and galleries of Todos
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A prime location with spectacular views of the bay of Cabo San Lucas and the city is where Promocasa chose for its first venture into Los Cabos with the Duara Ocean View Villas & Condos. The host welcomed the happy guests with delicious canapés and drinks. “Contemporary architecture and a better quality of life are
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Scented Soil: The Sudcaliforniano Paradise: Love between the sea, islands and mountains.

Dr. José Martín Olmos Ceseña

How many cravings for love have risen into impatient swarms! (Esthela Galvan – 1925) The following poem describes how there are so many imaginary places in the stillness of Sudcalifornia that give pleasure and nourish the soul, but above all, make love possible through romance. The night moves away, the sun begins to rise, and
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Weddings and the Paparazzi

Juan Melgar

When the cape of San Lucas was only a large town and tourism had not turned it into just Cabo, and when the rich and famous of the jet set had not yet adopted it as a fashionable destination, Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones decided to marry in the hotel on the rocky spine
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The Legend: The Triumph of Love

The story of this couple began at the end of the last century near El Triunfo, when it was a thriving mining community. There was a family, like many, who had a certain way of living supported by a good income. In this family there was an extremely beautiful girl who fell in love with
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The Culture of the Dress: Threads & Needles

Rosamaria Mendoza Salgado

A comprehensive discussion of attire requires that we transport ourselves back to the beginnings of humanity where protection from the rigors of the climate was what really mattered. The art of sewing began by joining pieces of skins that were softened by rudimentarily tanning. Early humans used them to cover their nudity and avoid the
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Studio 24 Hair & Nails

Studio 24 is a team of trained professionals that will be with you through the entire process of getting ready for your big day. Wedding days can be long. Your makeup, hair and nails must be perfect and you will want everything to hold up through all the photos, dances, toasts, and selfies. There will
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Your first home in Los Cabos

Joaquin Precoma Valle

Los Cabos is one of the world’s favorite destinations for weddings. To live that special moment with the Sea of Cortez as the stage and the witness of the love that united you to the person, with whom you will begin a new life together, is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. You will surely do everything
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Sabor a Cabo

The society event of the year in Los Cabos

On Saturday night, December 10th, a collection of the best restaurants in the region came together at Sabor a Cabo to be part of the 11th International Food & Wine Festival. The Sculpture Garden of Puerto Los Cabos served as the venue supported by an extraordinary number of hard working followers. The dedication and structure
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The Interview: Lori Silverman

“The last impression is as important as the first. We must, therefore, dazzle them with the exit.” The North American designer who created the brand Lori Silverman Shoes, redefines luxury in footwear by incorporating Swarovski crystals into the soles. Lori transforms classic designs such as zebra prints, leopard prints, dots and stripes, which never go
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Jesus Corral

Talking about romance can be as incredibly pleasurable as it is complex. To achieve romance, you simply must find the right time, the right place and the necessary elements. In previous issues, we talked about weddings and all things related to them. This time, we will help you select those ingredients and natural settings that
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A Note from the Editor

The definition of romance has been enriched and idealized over time by different genres of literature and films that feature stories about romantic characters, places and situations. Romance has also long been associated with flowers, dinners, poetry, beaches, and adventure. In other words, romance is the perfect subject for a travel magazine such as Tendencia.
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