Scented Soil: The Sudcaliforniano Paradise: Love between the sea, islands and mountains.

How many cravings for love have risen into impatient swarms!

(Esthela Galvan – 1925)

The following poem describes how there are so many imaginary places in the stillness of Sudcalifornia that give pleasure and nourish the soul, but above all, make love possible through romance.

The night moves away,

the sun begins to rise,

and the seagulls come from afar,

crossing seas, seeking love.

… a haven of light and love,

like a pearl that the sea contains,

that’s how my heart keeps you.

(From the traditional song Sudcaliforniana | Author: Rosario Morales)

Where does love come from? From an inner feeling incited for a thousand reasons. It is possible that the purest emotion human beings possess can be better expressed from the solitude of an island or a mountain.

Baja California Sur is undoubtedly a land of romance, where love can blossom for those who visit. Engage in an easy stroll up a hill accompanied by the majesty of a full moon and take in the city below. The heavenly firmament serves as a witness to your passage through this world.

In Los Cabos, it is possible to take a quick journey to mountains close to the urban areas, such as Cerro z, Cerro del Vigia, Costa Azul, Cerro de la Chiva, and others. There are even more options in the rural areas, starting with a spectacular hike in the Sierra de la Laguna. It is also feasible for a harmonious walk through the vegetation in the Cerro de la Bandera or the Cerro de San Bartolo. Why not? You can walk the path that leads from the village of El Triunfo to San Antonio. The hike is approximately 6.5 miles in length. Immersed in natural beauty, it is ideal for a walk with friends or loved ones.

[two_first] The sea and beaches are a wonderful natural attraction with different charms. During the day, walking, sunbathing and even exercise is invigorating. At night, the moonlight that shines on the sea is the best accompaniment to a dinner or a walk along the beach. They are part of the pleasures that this scented soil gives us.

The islands surrounding this peninsula and emerge from the seawaters are mystical, heavenly, and pure fuel for starting a romance. An example is the Holy Spirit Island, which is located near the City of La Paz. The walk starts at 10:00 am if you want to be back on the mainland around 6:00 pm. The bright colors that characterize the island are ideal scenery for photography.

On the coast, there have always been eccentricities of nature. One of them is the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. The Arch has witnessed great stories of couples that found love. For others, it is the symbol of the great day of their wedding.

“To the north of Los Cabos, near Los Barriles, where the small waves of the sea break … there is a natural spa (so to speak) … we discover it one afternoon, on those adventurous walks and are ready to make a camp …. A form of tub that sensually fills with sea water … that opportunity to relax your body and integrate the sound and the perfume of the sea, the love of your partner ” (La güerita)

The legendary Baja California Sur invites us to travel unhurried on this scented soil and explore this paradise at different times. Some of us have been fortunate to explore this destination and not just imagine earlier times. We have discovered the mysteries that feed the soul and spirit and, especially, strengthen love.

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