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Eduardo Segura

“With a combination of urban and vintage design, The Cape, a Thompson Hotel, offers a new definition of modern luxury. It is a contemporary evolution for Los Cabos. During the first year of operation it has received several awards and inclusions for innovating the hotel proposal in the world and has become the fifth Virtuoso
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PURCHASE OF REAL ESTATE IN LOS CABOS   If you are thinking of acquiring real estate in Los Cabos, the legal firm of Mowat – Larios can provide you with a practical guide that will help you proceed without setbacks and with the certainty of acquiring a property and not a problem. First of all,
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Yandi Monardo

What part of your job are you the most passionate about? All projects are interesting but there’s a different vibe when I start a new one. Thinking about the format I will work in, the design and the color scheme moves me. When did you discover this was your vocation? I liked to draw and
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Tanya Talamante

A native of Tijuana, Tanya studied industrial design but found art to be her true vocation. With her mother as her biggest supporter, she arrived in Los Cabos 24 years ago. The natural environment of this area has served as an inspiration for her work. What are you most passionate about in your job? What
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